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Paul Marius

Paul Marius

Australian tradition dictates that as one’s 30th birthday approaches, one becomes increasingly vocal about the various experiences and milestones one is yet to achieve. The tragedy, of course, is that normally these fears are articulated so late in the decade that the possibility of that 12 month European road trip/ finishing that book manuscript/making that first million from that app idea occurring within the languishing months are nigh on impossible.

This is where young French gun Florent Poirer has a definite advantage.  Because when he was just 23 years old, Florent decided to get real.

The curly haired Frenchman had been working in retail and ready-to-wear sales, and he had a simple business idea: remake those classic, retro leather bags that his grandfather carried, and make them accessible.

Putting it into practice and building his brand, which at that point had no name, required a couple of leaps of faith, but Florent puts the success of his now global venture down to a simple truth: "We must not be afraid of losing to succeed.”

Working from his apartment in Rouen, north of Paris, Florent decided to start small.  He sold some of his possessions to rustle up the cash he needed to get started, and began producing bronze buffalo leather luggage and carry bags based on the ones that were languishing in basements around the country.

He called the project Paul Marius and the first ten pieces sold in less than a week.

These days, Paul Marius consists of four stand-alone boutiques from Paris to Bordeaux.

Inspired by classic French postman’s satchel, school bags and 1970’s cabin baggage, the collection canvases old school travel bags, heavy set briefcases, luxurious satchels, sunglasses wraps and strappy messenger bags that have been updated to accommodate laptops and other devices.

Every piece in the Paul Marius collection is manufactured by hand in India by a small group of expert leather craftsmen. In the spirit of maintaining the brand’s craftsmanship, Florent visits several times a year.

Florent’s business has sky rocketed since 2010, with more and more of his pieces being exported around the world - including to the land of tragedy-stricken twenty-somethings.

Not bad for someone who hasn’t even hit 30. 


The Paul Marius collection is available now.