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Parisians These Days...

It’s been a few months between drinks but we’re back in Paris now on the hunt for new winter pieces, cold pastis and hot saucisson. In the mean time we’ve caught up with what the coolest Frenchy hipsters are up to these days. 

1. Shouting espressos  – Parisians are getting in on the original ‘pay it forward’ movement with the introduction of the ‘café suspendu.’  On their way to work, proper Fripsters are paying for two cups of coffee at their local Tabac: one for themselves, and the other ‘suspended’ for someone without the means to pay for their own.  It’s a rejuvenation of an ancient Italian tradition and all the cool kids are doing it.

2. Walking the (original) High Line – Sixteen years before New York landscaped their abandoned overground railway line, Paris was planting theirs. These days,  La Promenade Plantée is a seriously established garden featuring spiral staircases, terraced fish ponds and perfect flowering archways.  Beginning just east of Opéra Bastille, the treelined walkway crosses the entire 12th arrondissement and is the only place to be seen strolling on a Sunday morning.

3. Backing Nathalie – Mayoral candidate Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet has many Parisians' hearts a-flutter with her very French proposal of converting the few abandoned metro stations left in the city into artistic, boozey and cultural havens. Images have been released encapsulating her plans to revive these eight obsolete pit stops by turning them into things like swimming pools, theatres, galleries, restaurants and night clubs.

4. Smiling –We’ve witnessed more than a handful of French strangers grinning – and we’re pretty sure the reason is Stefan Sagmeister’s latest exhibition ‘The Happy Show.’ Now showing at The Gaîté Lyrique, it’s a reflective and interactive show exploring three methods of happiness in his own life: drugs, meditation and cognitive therapy.


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