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Our New Spirits Range

Our New Spirits Range

Incorporating an unfermented sake, one of the rarest whiskies in Japan, a Riesling-infused gin, and an award-winning cognac all sourced by Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther, our new spirits range takes nightcaps to the next level. 

For most, the notion of being a third generation cognac distiller is something vaguely romantic, potentially involving long afternoons tasting, debates about oak and tannins, and reminiscing about one’s great grandfather. 

But peering into the Tesseron cellars in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente – half an hour’s drive South East from Cognac proper and one of the most beautiful villages in the region – is quite the wake up call.

Dark, dank and suitably spooky, the Tesseron cellars were built in the 13th century and were once part of the crypt of the local church.  Filled with dusty barrels made from oaks felled from the nearby forests in Limousin, the cellars are overseen by Alfred Tesseron – the aforementioned distiller whose solution to three consecutive sleepless nights is to wake up, have a cognac for breakfast, and make no decisions that day.

This Father's Day, we’ve partnered with makers, artists and distillers who have created things to help us get lost.  To us, getting lost means succumbing to total immersion.  Concentrating on something so fully that you lose awareness of everything else around you. As far as presents go, we think it’s hard to beat that feeling.

With a century long history and a flavour profile to match, Tesseron’s Lot 90 cognac does exactly this.  Aged for an average of 15 years, Lot 90 has an aroma that conjures crème brulee and enchanted forests, and is Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther’s pick of picks.  

Seb is Head Sommelier at Rockpool and one of only three Australians to hold the Master Sommelier title, and we’ve been collaborating with him since we launched our rotating wine range last December. Over the past couple of months, he’s been helping us to source unique, handmade and rare spirits from emerging distilleries around the world, all of which interesting stories behind them – stories to get lost in.

White Oak’s Akashi whisky, distilled just west of Kobe and facing the Seto Inland Sea, is one such spirit. As White Oak’s stills are only in operation for one month every year, only miniscule amounts of whisky are produced from this distillery - meaning most White Oak whiskies are blended.  Very occasionally however, single malts are made available – one of which Seb has sourced for us.

In this spirit of unusual distilling methods and practices, Seb has also sourced the intriguing Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin – a crisp, citrusy gin bordering on the revelatory. Infused with late-harvest Riesling grapes from the Saarburger Rausch vineyard on the border of Germany, Luxembourg and France, Ferdinand’s Saar’s gin is made with 30 local aromatic botanicals - including, it’s rumoured, lavender and rosehips. Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar comes from a fruit schnapps-distilling family, and his gingery, almost-sweet gin won double gold at this year’s World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.  


Seb has also uncovered an unpastesurised sake from a 330 year old brewery in Nagano called Chikuma Nishki, with the help of boutique sake importers Black Market Sake. Unfermented sakes are rare, but Black Market Sake’s Matt Young explains that this ginjo sake also bucks the trend of its class by offering both a rich palate and a heady aroma.  Direct from the Japanese alps, it’s like a French champagne for the uninitiated: fresh, light hearted and completely beguiling.


Sitting alongside Nant’s single malt, The West Winds’ award-winning gin from Margaret River, and pure vodka from Tasmania, this artisanal spirits range takes nightcaps to the next level.   And for Father’s Day, this could be as good as it gets.  Because there’s nothing quite like tasting the story straight from the bottle. 


Tesseron’s cognac, White Oak’s single malt, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin and Chikuma Nishki’s Kinzan Sanban are all available now.