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Our new range for parents and babies

From Denmark, California, Berlin, Tasmania and a few places in between, our new range for new parents and babies is now live on the website.

Our approach for the range was to look at new parenthood in a different way and find things that articulate the exhilaration that everyone feels when a new baby arrives.  Whether it’s discovering new parental instincts (like wanting to swaddle the newborn in the softest thing imaginable), anticipating the time when the baby will be skipping in the playground in their school uniform, or just celebrating the conclusion of those torturous days of foregoing raw fish, booze and soft oozy cheeses, it’s all part of the excitement. 

Our range is designed to be a reflection of this and encompasses baby alpaca wool blankets, oiled leather and raw denim bags fitted with quilted blankets, organic cotton clothing from Berlin, and fresh salmon and raw milk cheese hampers from Tasmania, among other things.





There are custom made Italian leather booties from Melbourne-based cordwainer Jess Cameron-Wootten, organic herbal tea formulated especially for new mothers, streamlined, glossy wooden rockets from Scandinavian design company Playsam, cotton playsuits covered in hand drawn monster illustrations from Finland and handmade pewter spoons from Boston imprinted with ducks, chickens, birds and pigs.

Whether you’re celebrating with new parents near or far, we hope you like it.