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Our New Flower Range

Our New Flower Range

Since we’ve launched, we’ve formed partnerships with carefully chosen boutique florists around the country to create a tight network of high grade, artistically minded florists.

We took this approach, rather than hooking up with an existing large-scale flower relay operation, so that we could deliver unique, fresh, high quality flowers and eliminate the elements of risk traditionally associated with ordering flowers online, like questionable quality, style and wrapping. 

Our new flower range has been designed in conjunction with an award-winning artist and basically lets our florists unleash  - whether that be in the language of garden flowers, tropical flowers, native flowers, or a specific colour palette.

There are garden roses in red, yellow or white, rather than standard hot house roses, and a ‘Pick of the Day’ option so that our florists can be lead by the seasons, if you’d rather. 

We take the same approach to selecting our florists as we do to the rest of our range, which means all of them are obsessive about quality and have an eye for the beautiful and unusual.  All of them believe in the importance of sourcing the freshest, best quality flowers (which in many cases means flying them in to their region directly) and have a style that has won them awards and made them their city’s go-to.  

We’ll introduce you to our florists over the coming weeks via Instagram and Facebook, and in the interim we’ll show you the work that goes into the making our bouquets, thanks to photographer Stephanie Simcox. 

We hope you see something you like.


Our new flower range is available now.