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Myers-Briggs Christmas Wishlists

Myers-Briggs Christmas Wishlists

This Christmas, we’ve consulted the Myers-Briggs personality types to build the ultimate Christmas wishlist for everyone you know.

According to the legendary Myers-Briggs theory, there are 16 different personality types in the world.

By analysing your typical behaviours, it’s possible to identify whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, ‘analyst’, ‘sentinel’ or ‘explorer’ and to reduce your personality to a single acronym.

This Christmas, we’ve consulted 16 Personalities’ Myers-Briggs-based personality types to build the ultimate Christmas wishlist for everyone you know.

Not sure what personality type you or your friends are?

Take the test here. (It takes 12 minutes.)

Then check out our curated wishlists by personality below.



 1.    "The Architect" (INTJ)

Architects are famously rare, icy cold and brilliant. Forming just 2% of the population, they are the ultimate paradox: cynical idealists who are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, quick-witted, independent, strategic and fiercely hardworking - though completely clueless when it comes to romance.

Famous INTJs include Elon Musk, Colin Powell and Michelle Obama.

Their Christmas wishlist involves board room get-up, a lot of caffeine, and slick leather folios...

For the full INTJ Wishlist click here.

Hender Scheme Zip File. For the full INTJ Wishlist click here.

2.    The Logician (INTP)

The logician is uninterested in practical, every day activities, and is a deep philosopher, day-dreamer and problem-solver.  What the logicians lacks in obvious compassion, they make up for in brilliance.

Famous INTP’s include Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and J.K Rowling.

Their Christmas wishlist involves papal slippers, honey made from impossible-to-reach blossom, and a lot of flowing clothing...  

For the full INTP Wishlist, click here.

Commune de Paris Slippers. For the full INTP Wishlist, click here.

  3.    The Commander (ENTJ)

 The ENTJ loves a challenge.  Their charisma and determination often sees them in leadership roles and they produce spectacular results, largely due to their incredible ruthlessness.

 Famous ENTJ’s include Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher, and Gordon Ramsay.

Their Christmas wishlist involves a neutral palette, vegan kicks and high quality olive oil.  For the full ENTJ wishlist, click here.

Mykita Ambush Sunglasses. For the full ENTJ wishlist, click here.

4.    The Debater (ENTP)

The ultimate devil’s advocate, the ENTP is the quick-thinking, vocal underdog who loves a brainstorm. So rational it borders on insensitive, the ENTP has a wide knowledgebase but a short fuse, prizing originality over practicality.

Famous ENTP’s include Tom Hanks, Celine Dion and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Their Christmas wishlist involves Japanese suede, sterling silver and dark, dark hot chocolate... 

For the full ENTP Wishlist, click here.

Hender Scheme MIP5 Sneakers. For the full ENTP Wishlist, click here.


 5.    The Advocate (INFJ)

No idle dreamers, advocates are moral idealists who leave their mark on the world – despite making up less than 1% of the population. Soft spoken but strong-willed, they’re big on karma, egalitarianism and fighting the good fight – though often at exasperating personal cost.

 Famous INJF’s include Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and Morgan Freeman.

Their Christmas wishlist involves cheese, pyjamas and French cotton.

For the full INFJ Wishlist, click here.

Bruny Island 5 Cheeses Pack.  For the full INFJ Wishlist, click here.


6.    The Mediator (INFP)

Mediators always see the best in everyone and everything, no matter how cruel things may seem, and know how to make every situation better. They might come across as shy, but Mediators have an inner fire and are guided by morality and beauty, always acting with kindness. Frustratingly inward-looking, they listen to many – but talk to few.  

Famous INFPs include William Shakespeare, Bjork and Johnny Depp.

Their Christmas wishlist involves low-key bling and pampering their favourite place: home.  

For the full INFP wishlist, click here.

Fort Standard Dome Spindle Candle Holders. For the full INFP wishlist, click here.

 7.    The Protagonist (ENFJ)

ENFJs are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team.  Natural-born leaders, they’re reliable, hyper-sensitive and idealistic to a fault.

Famous INFPs include Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and Lucy Liu.

Their Christmas wishlist involves cheerful raincoats, high quality tailoring and chocolate.

For the full ENFJ Wishlist, click here.

Stephanie Said Infinity Folding Ring. For the full ENFJ Wishlist, click here.

8.    Campaigners (ENFP)

Campaigners are enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits who can always find a reason to laugh.  The life of the party, they’re famously hopeless at admin. They adore their friends, read between the lines with curiosity - though they tend to overthink, and are hypersensitive to micromanagement.

Famous ENFPs include Robin Williams, Amy Schumer and Willy Wonka.

Their Christmas wishlist involves a ridiculous amount of colour...

For the full ENFP Wishlist, click here.

Tsumori Chisato Reversible Light Down Jacket. For the full ENFP Wishlist, click here.


 9.    Logistician (ISTJ)

Odds are you know more than one Logistician. Practical, calm, reliable and responsible, they make up 13% of the population.  They’re 100% fact-minded, and their integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty often translates into stubbornness, insensitivity and an obsession with doing things by the book.

Famous ISTJs include Angela Merkel, Natalie Portman and Denzel Washington.

Their Christmas wishlist involves yellow-lensed sunglasses, hone-and-almond fragrance and sits just on the proper side of surreal...

For the full ISTJ Wishlist, click here.

Amanda Testa Tiger Silk Scarf.  For the full ISTJ Wishlist, click here.

10.  Defender (ISFJ)

Very dedicated and warm protectors, ISFJs are always ready to defend their loved ones – no matter who’s right or wrong. The textbook extroverted introvert, they’re do-gooders who are humble, routine and have an exapserating tendency to repress how they feel.

Famous ISFJs include Beyonce, Queen Elizabeth II and Vin Diesel.

Their Christmas wishlist is a mix of pratical indulgences, involving deer antler, Japanese essential oils, and buttery caramel chocolate.

For the full ISFJ Wishlist, click here.


Loco Love Chocolate Box. For the full ISFJ Wishlist, click here.

11.  Executive (ESTJ)

Excellent administrators, ESTJs are expert managers who love order, and believe strongly in social acceptability and responsibility – though they might not realise it. They cherish tradition and bringing together communities, but are strong-willed, judgemental and find it difficult to just sit and chill out.

Famous ESTJs include Frank Sinatra, Judge Judy and Laura Linney.

Their Christmas wishlist is all class, and is designed to be shared. (Mostly.) For the full ESTJ wishlist, click here.

Hender Scheme Leather Belts.  For the full ESTJ wishlist, click here.

12. Consul (ESFJ)

Extraordinarily caring, social and loyal people, nothing makes a Consul happier than helping someone.  Making up 12% of the population, it’s likely you know your fair share of Consuls – and are familiar with the gossip and stubbornness that inevitably comes with their respect for social and cultural norms.

Famous ENFJ’s include Bill Clinton, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

Their Christmsa wishlist is all about pampering and partying. For the full ESFJ wishlist, click here.

Matin Studio Floral Ruffle Dress.  For the full ESFJ wishlist, click here. 


13. The Virtuoso (ISTP) 

Bold and practical experimenters, Virtuosos are very private, relaxed and calm, but often act completely spontaneously.  They’re eternally optimistic, great in a crisis but easily bored, commitment-phobes who can take forever to get to know.

Famous ISTP’s include Bear Grylls, Michael Jordan and Blondie.

Their Christmas wishlist is all about the outdoors, DIY and play time...

For the full ISTP wishlist, click here.

0600 Kayak. For the full ISTP wishlist, click here.

 14. The Adventurer (ISFP)

Charming, imaginative artist-types, Adventurers are always up for trying something new and love to push the limits. Always curious, competitive and passionate, Adventurers are easily stressed, have an explosive temper and are hopeless at planning the future. 

Famous ISFP’s include Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Kevin Costner.

Their Christmas wishlist is OTT in all the right ways...  sparkle, natural wine and silk.

For the full ISFP wishlist, click here.

Star Styling Mosaic Hoodie.  For the full ISFP wishlist, click here.

15.  The Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Entrepreneurs leap before they look and are smart, energetic, perceptive fun-lovers. Hands-on, colourful and blunt, they’re the person with the biggest crowd around them at a party – but are woefully defiant, impatient and often low on EQ. 

Famous ESTPs include Eddie Murphy, Madonna and Nicholas Sarkozy.

Their Christmas wishlist involves Danish design, Tasmanian vodka and a lot of bling.

 For the full ESTP wishlist, click here.

Lucy Folk Ettore Blues Bracelet.  For the full ESTP wishlist, click here.

16.  The Entertainer (ESFP)

Every day feels like a party with The Entertainer. Spontaneous and energetic, they’re practical and loving, and have the strongest aesthetic of any personality type – being deeply concerned with grooming, fashion and design. They’re beyond generous with their time and friends, though they love a bit of drama, are hopeless at focussing and are highly emotional.

Famous ESFPs include Jamie Oliver, Marilyn Monroe and Steve Irwin.

Their Christmas wishlist involves whisky, glow-in-the-dark polka dots and dance-floor attire.

For the full ESFP Wishlist, click here.

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All personality descriptions and illustrations via 16 Personalities.