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In a decade where the major player on the hot beverage menu is the babycinno, it’s a rare pleasure to stumble across a chocolate beverage that caters strictly to an adult palette. 

All hail Mörk: Australia’s first true bean-to-cup hot chocolate experience.

Mörk is Swedish for ‘dark’, and it’s a new hot chocolate blend made from pure cacao liquor and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.  The work of Melbourne-via-Sweden’s Kiril Shaginov and Josefin Zernell, Mörk is a heartfelt attempt to bring the taste of ‘grown-up’ hot chocolate, so quintessential to their homeland, to Australia. 

A coffee roaster and chocolatier respectively, Kiril and Josefin couldn’t be more qualified to do the job.

Origin, classifications and varieties are just as important in cocoa as they are in coffee, and chocolate ‘traceability’ is a key component to the Mörk brand.  “We’re extremely proud that our ingredients can be traced back to unique farmers operating as far as Venezuela and Madagascar, where organic and fair practices are honoured,” the pair explain on their website.  “That way we can ensure that our ingredients are traceable at every step of the journey before they reach us in North Melbourne.”

Josefin is a praline and chocolate bar maker from way back, and many of the ingredients found in Mörk she found through her life as a chocolatier.  “When we started sourcing ingredients for Mörk we got ingredients from all over the world and just started tasting. I think in those three or four months we drank more chocolate than people will drink in a lifetime,” Josefin has said.

Mörk’s hot chocolate blends start at 50% cocoa solids and go all the way up to 85% - which means the majority of hot chocolates on the market, which are between 30-40%, literally pale in comparison. 

But the other major difference in a mouthful of Mörk can be attributed to one key ingredient: Javanese coconut blossom sugar.  Made from harvested coconut palm tree sap and traditionally bought in blocks so it can be shaved into curries and cake batters, Josefin says coconut blossom sugar is the natural, Indonesian version of Nutella.  “It is definitely something everyone grew up with as a kid,” says Josefin. “They have it for breakfast on toast.”

With a flavour a little like burnt toffee, it adds a soft element to the otherwise intense flavour of Mörk hot chocolate – and works particularly well with the pinch of Murray salt in Mörk’s 65% blend.

All four of Mörk’s blends can be tasted at Mörk’s 16-seat ‘brewing house’, located in a converted 1950’s bakery warehouse in North Melbourne.  Other delights on the menu include their pure Breakfast Chocolate (house-made oat milk, dark chocolate and cinnamon) and the Campfire Chocolate – a smoked dark chocolate with smoked salt, served with little marshmallows on sticks.

Like the product itself, the brew house is all about celebrating nostalgia and bringing the playfulness of chocolate to life in a sophisticated, adult setting.

Willy Wonka’s glamorous, more worldly older sister.  That’s Mörk.


Mörk's original 80% and 65% blends are available now.


With help from My Fair Melbourne and The Ranting Panda.