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Momoko Hatano On A Plate

Momoko Hatano On A Plate

Momoko Hatano is a rare breed: she’s a tertiary-trained artist, a designer who learnt her trade at the helm of one of Australia’s most iconic design houses, Dinosaur Designs, one of Sydney's most adventurous eaters, and the hands and brain behind her eponymous jewellery label which, over the past couple of years, has nothing short of sky rocketed.

Her newest collection, Lan (Japanese for ‘orchid’), is inspired by her recent travels to Indonesia where she saw the interlacing of flowers into daily rituals. 

Dancing Orchid Drop Studs

“I love how Moth Orchids are like sculptures -  they stand as a single stem and their petals are so surreal looking,” says Momoko. “For years I have been wanting to design something inspired by it, so this collection was the perfect opportunity.”

While Momoko’s practice traditionally calls on wire and clean lines, her approach this time around was different.

Dancing Orchid Drop Studs

“I wanted to recreate the organic forms of plants and flowers, so I introduced more hand carved pieces and many of them are made originally from wax carvings,” she explains. “So I sourced the actual flowers, or I had a drawing in front of me, while I carved - kind of like life drawing - and other pieces I just made from imagination."

The result is her strongest collection yet, and encompasses mismatched hoops that curl around the lobe like tendrils, tiny sakura blossoms immortalised as studs, and juicy petals reconceived as sterling silver pendants.

Lan Mismatch Earrings and Caladenia Hoops

While Momoko was born in Tokyo, she spent her formative years in Sydney and, as those who know her will attest, is one of the most adventurous eaters in the city.

In the wake of the launch of her newest collection, we get to know Momoko through her stomach and ask her to share her secret foodie artillery: her favourite underground Sydney restaurants, go-to recipes and all-time favourite dishes. Bon appetite.

What food/s did you grow up on?

Inari sushi. It’s a marinated tofu sushi. My mum was and is still obsessed with making them 

Best recent food discovery in Sydney?

Ethiopian curry with injera (teff bread) at Jambo Jambo.

All-time favourite breakfast?

Traditional Japanese breakfast! Miso soup, egg omelette, rice and pickles.

What did you have for dinner last night?

A classic pub dinner at The Union in Newtown.

Best secret Sydney dining establishment?

Chaco Bar Darlinghurst.

What’s your favourite secret ingredient when you’re cooking?

Raw honey. 

Go-to dinner party recipe?

Chicken or vegetarian gyoza. I make the filling but get everyone help make the parcels. Always a winner :)

Most memorable dish in your life?

It was an eight course dinner at a ryokan I was staying at in Mt Fuji Japan. It was visually beautiful, thoughtful and so delicious! 

Most recent meals caught on camera?

Vegan meal at Brown Rice, Shibuya, Tokyo

Marinated eel

Japanese curry

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be…?


Favourite deli or grocer in Sydney?

Dana’s in Marrickville. They have the greatest  olive selection. 

Go-to lunch establishment?


Which websites do you peruse for cooking inspo?

Arthur Street Kitchen or Yotam Ottolenghi

What’s your secret eating indulgence?

Anything from Athena Cake Shop in Marrickville.

Where do you always take visitors to eat? 

Tobikiri - Neutral Bay, Organic Food Markets - Carriageworks, Eat Fuh - Marrickville.

Eat Fuh, Marrickville

If anyone in the world could cook for you, who would it be? And what would you ask them to cook?

Anthony Bourdain - I would ask him to cook me his favourite meal of all time. 

Must-share recipe?

Ottolenghi Sticky chicken with dates, olives and capers.

What do you always add to your dinner?


Name three foods that define you.

Brown rice, coffee (it’s a food group right?) and chilli.


Shop Momoko Hatano's newest collection, Lan, now.