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Our Third Random Act of Kindness

Our Third Random Act of Kindness

There's something mysteriously unifying about wet weather.

As soon as the locals got wind of the shocking weather forecast for Friday night, there wasn't a single still gumboot within twenty kilometres of the proposed Newstead market place.

Heaters were procured, marquees were raised and an army of friends carted boxes of gear out of the very Tasmanian rain and into a dry house and its giant rambling garden.

After so many months of preparation, there was no way the inaugural MND night markets – comprising stalls, a heavy-hitting raffle, a gourmet barbeque and a boutique Tasmanian wine and beer bar - were about to be ruined by a bit of cloud juice.

Our third Random Act of Kindness came about after a friend was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease – a disease which degenerates the nerve cells that control the muscles enabling movement, speech, breathing and swallowing.

MND is by no means a rare disease and there are support centres and clinics in Australia for those diagnosed with MND. However the disease has a low profile on the global stage and research into MND is limited to say the least.

The MND night markets aimed to raise funds for Australian research into this mysterious disease - for which there is currently no known cure.

When we sent one of Dinosaur Designs' signature resin salad bowls to Newstead for inclusion in the MND markets raffle, we had no idea we were partnering with such efficient operators.

These guys raised over $25,000 for MND Victoria and they did it in a single night with a Boags in hand.

We plan to continue in this vein when the Sorry Thanks I Love You pop up shops open in Sydney and Melbourne in December.  We'll be offering a gift wrapping service for Christmas with all voluntary gold coin donations going directly to MND Australia.

The Sydney pop up shop opens at 372 Crown Street, Surry Hills tomorrow: Saturday 30 November.

And the good news is: it looks like rain.