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The Matin Studio Story

The Matin Studio Story

“For me it has always been about the ’70s; Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. Parisian nights and summer escapes to the French Riviera and the Italian coast. I’m always inspired by these.”

Lucy Perett is the co-founder of Sydney-based company Matin Studio: a label that successfully channels Jane Birkin and Bridget Bardot in silk, cotton and linen.

Lucy left her rock-and-roll gig in music management, where she managed the likes of Lisa Mitchell and Angus and Julia Stone, after the side project with her aunt, fashion designer Michelle Perett, began to snowball.

With a background in swimwear and ready-to-wear fashion design under her belt, and experience owning a multi-label boutique to boot, Michele was primed for their venture to be a success. She called on Lucy in the early days, when the project was just a glimmer in her eye, and the pair discovered a strong dynamic.

“I’ll sketch up a lot of stuff and we’ll get the feel. We’d never do something that one likes and one doesn’t.  We’ve both got a similar style and we both love what we’re doing,” Michelle has said.

Made in Australia, Matin has become famous for its wide-cuffed, lace-up sleeve dresses and billowing silhouettes that are zipper-free and easy to throw on, especially fit for the Tamarama coastline that Lucy calls home.

“Remaining fresh, modern, grounded and being happy in your own skin is what remains most important to us,” Lucy has said. “We try to express that through what we do with Matin Studio.”

Despite the success of the label, both Perett women have remained firmly out of the picture – and were reticent even to answer our questions about the label and their story.

“We’re not the kind of people that are interested in that sort of recognition.  We just want to create something really beautiful,” Lucy has said in the past.

“There’s a really strong visual of who the Matin girl is and we’re making sure that it’s reflected in everything we do, rather than it being about us.”

Lucky the pieces speak for themselves. 


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