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Mathilde 2C

Mathilde 2C

She eats fresh slices of cheese and peaches for breakfast. Her father was a sculptor. Her newest obsession is a pair of shiny pink shoes and she has a thing for American Indians.

These are some of the reasons why Mathilde Baissas de Chastenet is awesome. The other reasons are her bags.

Mathilde2C's boho-chic bags have the women of Paris, and the fashion blogosphere, blushing a deep, lust-induced scarlet.

All shagreen leather, suede and crochet, Mathilde2C's work evokes a sense of nomadic glamour and vintage nostalgia... in a word, she's gypset.

Mathilde describes her most recent collection as 'Paris chic with an American Indian twist.'

She's big on mixing disparate colours - think bright mustard with inky black, or soft grey and bright yellow – and practicality. (Her L.A Cuir bag can transform from oversized shoulder bag to beguiling satchel in one soft, leathery fold.)

Mathilde trained at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona and finished her studies at the prestigious ESMOD fashion school in Paris.

“I wanted to be in this city because it is the heart and style of French fashion,” she says.

Originally from Versailles, Mathilde is now so Parisienne that she won't even tell us the city's best kept secret. She couldn't get more legit.

After collaborating with heavyweight shoe brandAndré and internationally-renowned shoe designer Michel Perry, Mathilde decided to launch her own brand - which was in part inspired by her dual Catalan and French heritage. It's a combination she describes as explosive.

“2C means both sides or both sides of a disc. My bags evoke a duality, the meeting of different worlds,” she says.

What I like is to create unique designs that are a blend of subtle contradictions: irony, a touch of androgyny, world culture and inspirations from other eras.”

In practice, this means details like pressed leather feathers and gold fringes are added to capacious, cleverly compartmented and beautifully streamlined bags. The Satinka bag is so sexy that no one would ever suspect that a laptop, umbrella, pair of heels, an oversized scarf, and two moleskins could comfortably fit inside. (Trust us, we've tried.)

So it's little wonder they don the arms of so many Frenchies and that they've recently hit the shelves of iconic department store Printemps Haussman.

You'd think such success would go to her head... mais non.

“I always knew that I would work in the industry - I collected bags, purses and shoes from a young age. I bought my first bag at age ten, a Sonia Rykiel bag that I still treasure, and I made my first bags at age eighteen.

But I'm still especially touched when I see someone I don't know carrying one of my bags,” she says. “It's a very exciting and joyful moment!”