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Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche

Aside from a year abroad in San Francisco, Marie Welte has spent her whole life in Paris. As one would expect from someone thus naturalised, she drinks champagne, wears an appropriate shade of red lipstick, and peppers her conversation with oh là là's.

"Oh là là! it was such an adventure!" she exclaims when asked about the early days of her brand, Maison Labiche. "We were just two, doing everything by hand with zero investments."

Comprising preppy, stripey casual wear for men and women, Maison Labiche was founded in 2010 when Marie and her friend Jenny Richard began experimenting with a classic t-shirt after graduating from fashion school.

"It was a really basic, awesome tshirt made for everyone in the best quality, and hand-embroidered in Paris," Marie explains.

The embroidery was key - as were the French phrases the pair chose to emblazon on each piece. ('Oh la la', for example, has been killer.)

When Colette bought their first collection, the hard work was done.

"Fashion trends spread like wildfire in Paris," Marie explains. "After that it was really easier to establish the brand and to release wider collections," says Marie.

Marie's mother has always played an important role in the company. The label is named after her - 'labiche' (the doe) is her nickname - though she's not known to the Maison Labiche team.

"My mum is a very discrete person," says Marie, "so it is always fun to me when she comes to our shops and the sales team doesn't know she is actually Labiche."

Marie says her mother taught her humility, generosity and to respect herself and others, but the other women in her life are just as important: her daughters are a source of inspiration, and her grandmother even posed for the brand's lookbook early on.

"Maison Labiche is really about legacy and heirlooms," says Marie. "My great, great pride is to see people offer Maison Labiche as a gift for great occasions such as weddings and birthdays."

As for how she'll be spending the great occasion of Mother's Day 2018? "Noodle necklaces and champagne, of course."


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