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Luna by Dinosaur Designs

Luna by Dinosaur Designs

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have been working miracles with resin since the 1980’s.  Using a recipe and technique that they’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting, the pair have managed to create collections of platters, bowls, jugs and jewellery that appear inherently organic, natural and classically beautiful.

They founded their company, Dinosaur Designs, when they met at art school and the brand’s signature feat of art imitating life is largely down to their artistic backgrounds, and the subsequent form of each piece.

Stephen Ormandy is a practising sculptor who recently recently exhibited in New York and delivered an enormous, specially commissioned outdoor sculpture to Suzhou in China.  His wife Louise Olsen, the creative director of the brand, is also an artist and designer in her own right, and is the daughter of iconic Australian painter John Olsen.  Her brother Tim is behind Sydney’s famous Olsen gallery. Together they are a family of experimenters.

“I’m always excited to try new materials – and there have been moments where I have felt completely off-track experimenting,” Louise has says. “But I find you always make some wonderful discoveries when you're off-track!”

A typical Dinosaur Designs resin piece is originally made in clay, then prototyped in resin. After being fine-tuned, a mould is made, and then the piece is cast in it before being hand sanded and hand finished. On average, about seven pairs of hands touch a single piece. It all happens in a noisy, colour-filled workshop in Redfern.

Dinosaur Designs' newest collection, Luna, combines their signature curves and organic shapes with a moody and neutral palette invoking the lunar skyscape’s volcanic ash and rock, and the milky way’s pale light.

"I was inspired by the moon and its brilliance, its spherical, crater-like forms and ever-changing tones from light to dark, from the tonal greys of the dark of the waning moon to the chalky whites of the full moon," says Louise.

It shows.  There are platters that find a magical balance between translucency and matte charcoal, jugs that appear shot with pearly stardust, and bowls that seem dotted with lunar craters.  It’s one of their strongest collections to date.

“I think it’s important to keep our pieces interesting and to keep changing,” says Louise. “We have to challenge and surprise our customers and bring them along on the journey with us.” 


A curated range of the Luna collection is available in store and online now.