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Lucy Folk's Shapeshifter

Lucy Folk's Shapeshifter

Lucy Folk’s newest collection, Shapeshifter, reflects on the shapes we are and the shapes we become.

As she puts it, “What happens when we start as one shape and morph into another? Are we always the shape we were born as, or do we change? And do we always identify with a shape, or does that change too?”

This week we take a look at the new collection and discuss the shape Lucy takes when winter arrives. 

In winter I live on… Cups of tea, bone broths, and miso soups.

My favourite Melbourne winter hide-away is… Marion Wine Bar.

My top 5 winter accessories are: Felt hats, jazzy socks, sneakers, and my jewels & sunnies - you never know in Melbourne!

The only way to survive July in Melbourne is… Infrared saunas.

My favourite winter outfit involves… Oversized coats.

Last winter I learnt… That escaping to Italy is key!

My go-to winter beverage is… Red wine.

The best thing about this time of year is… European getaways!

My signature recipe at this time of year is… Italian seafood soup.



Lucy Folk's Shapeshifter collection is available now.