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Lucy Folk and the Magic of Yin Power

Lucy Folk and the Magic of Yin Power

Sorry Thanks I Love You exists to nurture relationships and inspire moments of happiness. Today we’re launching a new journal series in the same vein, finding out what makes our designers tick by hearing the stories about their health, happiness and relationships.

Today we talk to Lucy Folk about her new collection, self care, and the magic of Yin power.

Melbourne-born goldsmith Lucy Folk has been winning hearts ever since she started electroplating Doritos back in the noughties. But over the past decade, her small-time passion project has turned into a fully-fledged international label. Now based in Paris with a growing team of heavyweights by her side, Lucy has gone from part-time-shop girl to apparel line developer, magazine feature favourite, and Net-A-Porter collaborator. 

Since day one, the Lucy Folk brand has exuded joy, happiness and an almost fierce joie de vivre. But between ‘gramming and magazine shoots, the public isn’t given much of a glimpse of Lucy IRL, not to mention any hint personal struggle or professional turbulence.

Success and growth on the scale the Lucy Folk brand has seen over the past decade does not come without incredible risk, personal sacrifice and periods of intense upheaval and stress. And, Lucy says, there have been a few – not that she’s sad about it. 

“I am happy that I have to deal with many sad situations in life. It’s part of it. It makes you stronger and the reality is that we aren’t here forever,” she says. “I try to be as positive as I can and I know how important it is to have the right energy to inspire and influence the people around you… It’s a rollercoaster but that is part of it. I think you need to be honest with your team if you aren’t feeling yourself or 100%.” 

With a brand and schedule like Lucy’s – which encompasses international fashion weeks around the world, production trips to Morocco, and constantly acting as the face and voice of her brand -  taking care of number one is essential. 


Lucy’s self-care program is a multi-faceted beast that calls on the skills of all kinds of professionals. In Australia it’s Traditional Chinese Medicine and physiogenomic consultant Carolina Gonzalez in Melbourne and yoga instructor Sarah Rodd in Sydney, as well as the potion-makers and naturopaths of Orchard Street.  But the most important self-care professional in the team is herself: she practises yoga five times per week and, she says, walks everywhere. 

Lucy is just as disciplined about consumption and says her kitchen looks like a pharmacy. “I eat well - mostly organic, plant based when I’m home and I prefer fish over meat,” she says.  

“I travel with an extra bag for my vitamins and I also have an adaptogen blend called Yin Power which keeps me energised.”

It might not surprise you to hear that Lucy’s newest collection, Guru, is a meditation on ‘the journey’ and the importance of looking after yourself.

Released last month, the Guru collection, with its slightly hippy palm motif, textured golds and rough cut sparkling sapphires, interweaves 70’s psychedelica with references to nature and yogi mysticism. 

Among the collection’s fans is Elaine Huntzinger – Lucy’s acupuncturist and ‘all around Guru’ in Paris, who manages both Lucy’s jaw tension and general equilibrium:“She keeps my feet firmly on the ground!” 

While the Guru press release talks about ‘spiritual evolution’ and ‘thoughts on the intangible’, Lucy herself is a little more candid about the collection. 

“Guru is about working with the people around you to grow and nurture yourself,” she explains. “To feel and not just think. To be present. What ties it together are various inspirations such as my adventures, art… how important it is for me to be more spiritually aware.”

Think of it as yoga for your fingers and toes.


A selection from Lucy Folk’s newest collection, Guru, is available in our Sydney stores and online here.