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Danes have an uncanny knack of being sweetly, accidentally cool and Copenhagen-based designers Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup are no exception.

The two ex-fashion designers are the brains behind LUCKYBOYSUNDAY: makers of alpaca wool blankets, soft furnishings and what they call their ‘secret friends’ - knitted dolls, but not as you might know them.

“Creatively, we basically do not design just for kids – we design whatever we think is nice ourselves,” Camilla has said. 

Inspired by graffiti, their nightmares, childhood memories (Camilla Koerschen spent a lot of time burying dead pets) and ‘funny people passing by’, the Camillas say they are basically just bringing to life the characters that live in their imaginations – whether that be a suspicious, bespectacled rabbit, pink-moustached pirate, or a scowling baby in a ruffled knitted frock.  Unsurprisingly, each slightly mad character appeals to adults and children alike.

“Kids are cool people – they do not need special treatment,” says Camilla. “It’s a lot harder to charm grown ups - they are filled with references, associations, what colour is hot right now? But then luckily we can just ask ourselves, as we are those exact people.”

The two have a creative process that hasn’t changed since they launched in 2007. It involves “sneaking around the city” together, scribbling and sketching in their studio in the meatpacking district of Vesterbro, and then sending the designs to a knitting collective in Bolivia for production. The skilled craftswomen then machine knit and hand embroider the Camillas’ products from soft alpaca wool.

“We support some of the poor population by giving them a good job and a fair price. At the same time the Bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive,” the pair say.

LUCKYBOYSUNDAY originally launched as a children’s brand because the Camillas believed it would give them more scope – and so it has.  In recent years the pair have developed their ‘home’ collection, which includes Cyclops-esque chair pillows, blankets adorned with pastel geometric patterns, and cushions covered in knitted abstract faces.

Named with the old Danish saying in mind (‘If you’re born on a Sunday, you’re going to be a lucky person’), LUCKYBOYSUNDAY’s home collection is going from strength to strength.

“We find a lot of joy and challenges in digging deeper into the ‘home section’ and now we are slowly moving towards new materials too. Very exciting for us, lucky girls.”


LUCKYBOYSUNDAY's bobby blanket is available here.

With help from Alex and Alexa