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Lucie Kaas

Lucie Kaas

Like most imaginative souls, Esben Gravlev keeps a notebook to capture his ideas and other inspirational snippets.  Unlike most however, his notebooks are filled with egg cups.

The vessels in question, ‘Bordfolk’ (‘table people’) are an old Danish favorite from the 70’s, and through a blessing from the family originally behind their conception, Esben and his partner Ellora have been able to revive the original flock and update them with more modern patterns and colours.

So it goes for self-confessed ‘yin and yang couple’, Esben Gravlev and Ellora, the pair behind Danish brand Lucie Kaas.  (“Separation of duties keeps us strong,” explains Ellora - she’s in charge of the ‘more structured’ work.)

Named after Esben’s grandmother, Lucie Kaas evolved after the pair’s French jewellery distribution project went belly-up. 

“We started our own company in 2010, and Lucie Kaas as we know it today in 2012. It came out of a desire to have a creative outlet where we were in full control of our work and product,” explains Ellora.

Egg cups aside, the collection encompasses an assortment of objets that have been revived in the same spirit, like mid-century wooden pelican and elephant toys, and Arne Clausen ceramics.  It’s the story behind each piece that ties it all together, Ellora explains.

“It is our mission to discover designers and create objects that can tell a story, whether that lies in the history of the designer, the use of materials or the shape of the object.”

Most recently, the pair have been collaborating with designers around the globe to create their own unique pieces for their range.  Their collaboration with Becky Kemp, of Sketch Inc, is one such project and has resulted in pint-sized Karl Lagerfields, Anna Wintours, Salvador Dalis and Frida Kahlos adorning shelves around the world.

There’s more in the pipeline too, though the pair are tight lipped about it. All we know is that the next project involves homegrown designers.  Eggs TBC. 


Check out Lucie Kaas' collection of kokeshi dolls and egg cups here.