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LOCALS ONLY: Rains' Copenhagen Guide

LOCALS ONLY: Rains' Copenhagen Guide

What’s the best way to spend Friday night in Copenhagen?

A good Friday night would definitely start at one of the great restaurants in Copenhagen. Some of the best restaurants and bars are gathered in Koedbyen, also refereed to as the Meat Packing District, which has a really cool and authentic feeling to it – definitely worth a visit! After a dinner and a few drinks, the evening could continue at one of the many small beer bars or wine bars, which is very popular amongst the locals.   

The best place for lunch in Copenhagen is…

One of the three Madklubben restaurants next to the lakes on Noerrebro.

To dress like a Dane, shop at…

Nørgaard på Strøget. 

What is Copenhagen’s best kept secret?

Granola, Vesterbro – a great place for brunch or a nice cup of coffee.

Copenhagen’s ‘locals-only’ secret is…

Blaagaardsgade, Noerrebro. Here you can find low key bars and small places to eat. 

The best place for a Sunday afternoon walk in Copenhagen is…

Around the five lakes of Copenhagen. 

Where abouts is RAINS based?

The RAINS showroom is based on Refshaleoen, which is a small part of central Copenhagen surrounded with water. With its raw appearance and open spaces, Refshaleoen is a great contrast to the busy city life in Copenhagen.   Refshaleoen is the perfect fit for RAINS as a great part of the inspiration comes from the city and the people in it, but naturally water and natures takes a great part of the inspiration too.     

The best secret shopping in Copenhagen is…

Pilestraede and the small streets surrounding it.           




The best way to while away a Saturday in Copenhagen is…

Papiroeen which is on the way to Refshaleøen. Here is a very cozy food market with everything from lunch to dessert, drinks, ice cream and coffee. Papirøen is located next to the water with a great view to the city and all the small boats sailing back and forth.  

When it’s raining in Copenhagen…

RAINS has made sure that you can still enjoy the beautiful city while keeping dry and stay fashionable.



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Images via Granola, Lost Type and Rains.