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Loble 2.0

Loble 2.0

A fashion graduate of the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Fiona Loblay’s foray into jewellery happened almost by accident.

“I designed a snowboarding collection at Whitehouse  - two navy jackets with stitch printing on top, and grey pants with an A-line patch - and I was going to develop this after I graduated,” Fiona explains.

“But in the mean time, there were lots of rings that I wanted but couldn’t find – so I just started designing them for myself.”

This experimentation started three years ago with a trio of fine silver rings incorporating simple geometric patterns inspired by the branches of a jacaranda tree.  The idea is to be able to wear them all together, and to spin them around on the finger to reveal different shapes.

Her prototypes were so well received that she enrolled in a jewellery and object design course at TAFE, and hit up Elke Kramer, one of the best-loved labels in the country, for an internship.

Her next piece, the art deco pyramid ring, seems to have laid the foundation for her newest collection.

“I was really trying to think of the pyramid ring as more of a sculpture, a piece of art,” Fiona explains. “I’m always interested in how these pieces will look as objects as well as jewellery.”

Launching in Sydney for the first time today, Fiona’s newest collection is a contemporary, minimalist and matte sterling silver.

A handmade geometric silver necklace on fine chain, an upright cube ring, and a sterling silver cuff all join the Loble family.

“There is a lot of cross over when you’re designing jewellery because you’re designing for the body, so your aesthetic doesn’t really change,” Fiona explains.

“The most important thing to me is that people feel elegant and empowered,” she says.

“[These pieces] have been designed to be loved and kept forever.”


The Löblé collection is available now.