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Little Winnie

Little Winnie

Aimee Winchester had her first baby when she was 21 – and it was a catalyst in more ways than one.

“After Coco was born I was really conscious of what I was clothing her in,” the former yoga teacher explains.

While Aimee was trying to dress Coco in clothing made from organic fabrics, there weren't many options online.  She decided to start her first online business and explains that while she enjoyed the process, she didn't have the drive she needed at the time to sustain it.

“The truth was I just wasn’t ready to be a small business owner yet,” Aimee explains.

Eight years later though and with the support of her husband pro body boarder Dave ‘Winnie’ Winchester, Aimee started her second online business when things had changed a little.

Named after her new brood (currently 3.5 and counting), Little Winnie is all about simple, classic pyjamas that celebrate the simple night time rituals of a hot bath and a bed time story.

“Children’s sleepwear has always been a weakness of mine. I love seeing my girls in fresh pyjamas,” Aimee says.

Her pieces champion faded indigo pinstripe, simple night shirts with peter pan collars and, of course, 100% organic cotton.

Because the garments are hand woven in India they all have what Aimee describes as individual ‘perfect imperfections’, giving each garment a very particular look.

“Our beautiful team in India are extremely passionate about the environment which is just as important to us,” says Aimee. “The fabric making uses almost no electricity and they use no harmful chemicals. Our garments are created, crafted and energized by hands alone.”

A former yoga teacher working from Bryon Bay on an organic pyjama brand surrounded by golden haired children all sounds luxe, but Aimee is fairly pragmatic.

“Our home is nestled in a quiet little street, we have mountain views from out deck, and it feels very tranquil and serene… when the kids aren't there,” she says.

As for her go-to recipe:

“We have a lot of those, but let's be real here, in our house a spaghetti bolognaise is always a very welcome dinner!”




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