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Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans has a thing for juju hats.   You know - the exotic, West African feather hats traditionally worn by royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

“My husband was in Africa visiting his parents for his Dads 70th, and he brought [one] back for our living room,” Jacqueline explains. 

“I drove him mad dropping hints for it, and I love it, as it represents to me the fragility of life.” (A subject that has always been a subject close to the Melbourne-based naturopath’s heart, as one might expect.)

The founder of her own skincare range made entirely from organic and natural ingredients, Jacqueline Evans says it was her Chinese studies at university that sparked an interest in Eastern medicine and lead her to study naturopathy.

After becoming “obsessed” with biochemistry and understanding how the body works, Jacqueline went on to work for a pathology company in the field of hormonal health. 

“After years in the industry looking at food and nutrition, I became aware that the skin is our largest most permeable membrane and will absorb up to 60% of what is applied to it. I began looking at the ingredients in all my personal care products and was alarmed,” Jacqueline explains.

Being a certain kind of person, Jacqueline didn’t just freak out and warn her friends about it.  Instead, she took it upon herself to start studying cosmetic chemistry and began to develop her own formulations based on naturopathic principles, which she then tested on willing friends and family.  

“After about four years of doing this, and juggling my full time job, I realized that all my friends and family kept coming back for the products,” Jacqueline says.  

“And I began to wonder if they liked it, then maybe other people might too.”

Other people did.  Initial interest in the brand came from overseas, particularly the Asian markets, though these days Jacqueline is focusing on her customers at home.  And Australians are responding – not least to the pitch-perfect packaging by design studio Swear Words.

“I wanted to do something different in a very cluttered and sometimes confusing industry; by keeping our range simple, honest and natural,” says Jacqueline.

“From then to now its been six years and along the way there have been countless late nights creating the products and packing orders into the wee hours of the morning, frantic days juggling all aspects of a growing business, two babies, five new products released, a staff member employed, and a brand new office!” 

Not to mention one juju hat.


 Jacqueline Evans' skincare kit and grapefruit and bergamot body pack are now available.