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Inside Momoko Hatano's Iphone

Inside Momoko Hatano's Iphone

As everyone in a new relationship will tell you, the best way to get to know someone is to snoop around their phone. In the wake of the launch of her new collection, Fine Connection II, Momoko Hatano lets us read her messages.

Born in Fukushima and raised in Sydney via New York, Momoko Hatano is both the brains and hands behind her eponymous brand – which, incidentally, is taking her home city by storm.

Her work is an utter reflection of her personality: edgy, quietly commanding and irrepressibly creative. Yet while there is an undeniable confidence in Momoko’s entire body of work, she came to the craft almost by accident when she landed a job at Dinosaur Designs after graduating from COFA.

“My jewellery training was really on the job,” explains Momoko. “I had a really great manager / mentor who taught me everything from soldering, polishing, carving and loads of fabrication skills.”

Now an expert silver and goldsmith (and, more recently, stone setter) Momoko has three collections under her belt – the most recent of which launched this week.

Whilst previous collections have taken thematic ideas and riffed on them, Fine Connection II is firmly focused on recycled materials and the idea of everyday luxury.

Momoko has used locally sourced recycled gold and silver throughout the entire collection, as well as ‘chocolate’ and ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds either mined  from Western Australia’s Argyle Mine or reclaimed from old jewellery.

“I have always wanted to use salt and pepper diamonds,” says Momoko. “I just think they are so beautiful and interesting, especially compared to the mainstream ideal of the white diamond.” 

Every diamond in Fine Connection II is entirely unique – some of them are almost black while others are silvery, and reveal a 'peppery' texture when investigated closely.

“I chose reclaimed diamonds because they are basically the most environmentally conscious diamond you can use,” Momoko explains.  “Sometimes they are re-cut into more contemporary designs, and they are equally beautiful as newly mined diamonds...  They are the hardest gem on the Moh's Scale so they are not prone to scratching or damage.”

Momoko describes Fine Connection II as the bigger, wiser sister of Fine Connection I. “In Fine connection I, I was introducing myself to the concept of wire work and I was experimenting with this new process of hand fabricating,” she says. “Fine Connection II is exploring these processes further, becoming confident with it and refining it to create an extensive collection.”

It’s one thing to understand a collection, but it’s quite another to understand the person.  And as everyone in a new relationship will tell you, the best way to get to know someone is to snoop around their phone.

So, in the spirit of getting to know her, Momoko Hatano gave us her passcode and let us look around.

Phone case or no case? What’s it look like?

Gold glitter!

Your last five photos?

1. A recently completed custom engagement ring for a client.

2. The favourite of all the cats I follow on Instagram. His name is @leonthemeow

3. A shot of my studio

4. A photo of my Mum when she was younger and her friend (screenshotted!)

5. My dream studio (Picasso's)

Recently played songs in Music/Spotify?

The entire Damn album by Kendrick Lamar. 

Favourite message from the past couple of days?

"I'm at Amanda's house if you're around - cookin, sewin, hangin, and listening to Solange."

Which apps are on your homescreen?

BBC News, This American Life and of course Insta.

What app can’t you live without?

This American Life is everything.

Most frequently used emoji?


What lists are in your notes?

To do! Also Good Wineries in the Hunter, lists of series and movies I need to watch, List of Vegetables (with no other specification).


Momoko Hatano's newest collection is available now.