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Infinity by Stephanie Said

Infinity by Stephanie Said

Stephanie Said is an artist in the truest sense. Her jewellery is imbued with Japanese design principles and a respect for shape, space and light garnered throughout her studies in fashion textile and design in Sydney and under the tutelage of Akira Isogawa, and brands like Assin and Chronicles of Never.

“I was really passionately in love with art in all its ways growing up and loved making jewellery and clothes for myself,” says Stephanie. 

“Seeing Comme des Garcons, Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier, I thought I could really fuse my love for art in design somehow.”

Today we a share her newest collection, Infinity, which riffs on her signature brutalist motif: the hinge.

“I absolutely love how [hinges] give another element to the piece,” says Stephanie.  “ It is so much fun to wear, hearing it move around on you, or being able to play with it.   [The pieces] become extremely tactile and also very interesting objects.”

Every piece in the collection is handmade from sterling silver with a minimum 50% recycled content, and lands in store tomorrow.




Infinity is available online now.