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Ideas Thief

Ideas Thief

Inspired by our friends at Gourmet Traveller, this week we spoke to our community about the things they’re excited about giving this Christmas.

Their ideas are yours for the taking. With a week to go, it’s open slather.


Jewellery designer 

I’m most excited about giving… a pair of earrings I have been making for a friend for the last three days! It’s always so special to make gifts for people, and having all that time to think about them while you are making!

The present I wish I could keep is… That’s easy! A diamond infinity folding ring!


This year’s most delicious present is.. I’ve given a friend a little pack to take on her trip which includes my favourite chocolate called Poivre Rose. It’s dark chocolate with pink peppercorns from Dolfin, a Belgian chocolate brand.  Another friend has scored delicious matcha tea from Japan. 

Yoga teacher at Sorry Thanks I Love You

I’m most excited about giving… For me, delicious homemade food is the best part of Christmas and to give someone something that you have taken time to plan, prepare and create is so meaningful. I usually make pickles of all sorts, dukkha, granola, that kind of thing. This year I’ve gone gingerbread crazy and my grandma is teaching me her Christmas pudding recipe, so I can’t wait to share that with the family on Christmas Day.

My favourite Kris Kringle moment this year has been…  I did a $15 ‘bad Santa’ thing with friends. Highlights were a 1.5 litre jar of garlic and a Trump colouring book…


Sorry Thanks I Love You

What are you giving this year? In a round-about kind of way I’ll be giving family and friends the Four Pillars Negroni Marmalade! I’ll be whipping up a few batches of Melting Moment biscuits; adding the Negroni marmalade to the butter cream filling.

The present I’ve spent longest agonising over is for…

My dad! This year’s Gourmet Traveller selection is his idea of heaven; pickled, spicy and sweet. It’s neck-and-neck between the Nice Pickles Jerk Beans and Table 181’s Gochu Jang.

Yoga teacher at Sorry Thanks I Love You

I’m most excited about giving… I'm most excited about giving a gift that I love and that I know will bring the receiver joy. Something to let them know that they are appreciated and loved. It will usually come in the form of food or a carefully selected plant (two of my favourite things!) The food will almost always include something with chocolate in it - because who doesn't get joy from chocolate. And I will usually try to include something homemade as I like my gifts to be a bit unique.

Plants will usually be some form of succulent because they are beautiful plants, easy to care for and flourish well in the Sydney climate. More recently I've found some beautiful mini greenhouse grown hydrangeas that I have gifted to a close friend for Christmas.

This year’s most ridiculous present is… Oh actually we have a lot of unused nappies that are too small for Noah so I'm gifting those to a new mum of twin boys in my building. But putting them in a pretty gift  box with a ribbon. She will probably be so disappointed when she opens it!

Jewellery designer

I’m most excited about giving… A permanent, loving home to Marrickville’s stray cat Miu Miu.

This year’s most delicious present isJerk Beans by Nice Pickles.

The present I wish I could keep isFour Pillars’ Bloody Shiraz Gin. Which I will be keeping.

The present that will be hardest to top from last year is… A Bao Bao!