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The moment the ink on the pages of The Female Eunuch dried, the science of gender psychology begun to shape just about every element of our daily lives.  This has perhaps crystallised most elegantly in the fashion world, where androgyny has gone from statement to completely a la mode.  

The flow down to baby fashion has been slow but sure, and while gender neutrality is certainly not de rigeur in the world of miniature clothing, it is starting to be embraced by haute couture and grassroots designers alike.

Melbourne-based Jennifer Admon is one such cat.  When she couldn’t find the gender neutral, simple designs that were the mainstay of her own wardrobe, she did what Melburnians do and started her own label. 

 “I noticed a gap in the Australian market for gender neutral, simple designs,” she explains. “My taste is very minimalist and so when I couldn’t find what I was after I created Huxbaby.”


So named by Jennifer for the word’s strength and boldness, Huxbaby mixes minimalist, adult style with both practicality and cosyness – both essential ingredients in any baby apparel line.  Using organic cotton sourced in India, Jennifer has created clothing designed to last and be shared amongst siblings.  

“The current collection comes from the desire to create fashion for kids with an adult level of style,” Jennifer explains.

 What she doesn’t mention is that the range is endlessly practical. There are the leggings and tshirts in spill-friendly charcoal, the grey and black spotted jumpsuits with sensibly placed crotch and shoulder studs, and the crisp white crosses romper with easy-to-roll cuffs that an adult would wear if they could.

And while that might be off the cards for now, the good news is that Jennifer is currently working on the Spring/Summer range which will be sized for children up to age 5.

“We like to dress ourselves in gorgeous designs,” Jennifer says,  “so why not translate that to our children?”


The Huxbaby crosses romperconfetti romper and tshirt and leggings are available here.