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Good Food Crap Drawing's Berlin Guide

Good Food Crap Drawing's Berlin Guide

Anna Vu is the mind (and stomach) behind GoodFoodCrapDrawing, and she’s now based in Berlin. This week the former Sydney-sider and Gourmet Traveller art director shows us around her new hometown and answers burning questions about bratwurst bun-to-sausage ratios, locals-only Saturday night hang-outs, and the best German hang-over cure for the day after.

What makes this city so unique?

It’s a city of total contrasts: It’s both ugly and beautiful, both relaxing and a place you can really party hard in, and it has the tastiest food and probably the most horrible thing you’re ever likely to eat all at the same time.

When’s the best time to visit?
I have only ever been here in spring and summer, so I’d have to say May when everything starts to blossom and come alive here.

Most delicious Berlin snack?
The Techno sandwich - hands down the best snack I’ve ever had and the one thing I’ve eaten the most of here.

Gelgor Techno Sandwich

What’s the best way to spend Saturday night in Berlin?
Bar hopping around Neukolln. 

Favourite fancy restaurant?


Best locals-only tip?
I love the organic farmer’s market on Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg every Saturday. There is a great wine stand that serves you wines on tap all morning and afternoon and sometimes if you’re lucky, there’s a guy there making kartoffelpuffer in a giant skillet pan. The perfect snack to have while you’re drinking/drunk/hungover.

Best beer garden?
Prater Garten is a favourite, they also have great bratwurst there with an excellent bun-to-sausage ratio.

Prater Garten Bratwurst

How would you describe Berlin fashion?

Where have you had the most authentic German food experience?
A placed called Die Henne where they only have ONE thing on the menu - half a deep-fried chicken with a piece of bread. You can also order between 3 sides on top of that, beer or schnapps. But that’s it.

What’s the weirdest thing about Berlin?

Bratwurst – yes or no?
If yes, where from?! Yes. Many times yes. From ANYWHERE you can get it. 

Your favourite place for a Sunday afternoon walk?
A walk down Oderberger Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg to grab a coffee at Bonanza Coffee Heroes, then hitting Mauerpark for some flea market action before grabbing a beer and a spot at the pit for some afternoon karaoke.

Best place to party?
The only club I’ve been to is Berghain  and it’s probably the most obvious place, but the sound system and the building itself are worth checking out.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
A cortado and a croissant from Mahlo Brunch Bar

Best secret shopping in Berlin?
Rocket Wine - the best place to get bottle of (natural) wine. I walk in never really knowing what to buy or what I want and walk out with some of the most beautiful and interesting wines I’ve ever tasted.

What’s the best thing about Berlin?
Doner kebab.

Where do you take all your visitors?
Gel Gor for a Techno sandwich and Standard for pizza and natural wine. 

Standard Pizza

What’s your fave neighbourhood and why?
Probably still Prenzlauer Berg. It may not be the most exciting neighbourhood, but it’s pretty, it’s quiet and it’s almost like a little escape from the rest of the city.

If Berlin were a person…
It would have a lot of issues to deal with.

Next on your Berlin bucketlist is…
Getting my artist visa here, so I don’t have to leave!


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