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Free Yoga in The Rocks

Free Yoga in The Rocks

Due to popular demand, this month we’re going to be offering even more free yoga in our stores – this time in The Rocks.

We run our free yoga classes in association with OneWave – a not-for-profit surf community who host weekly ‘Fluoro Friday’ sunrise sessions at beaches around the world to raise awareness for mental health.

At Fluoro Friday, you can take a free surfing lesson (or hit the waves if you already know how), take a free yoga class on the sand, or just have a chat to someone about what’s on your mind.  The idea is that one wave is all it takes to clear out the cobwebs, ‘free the funk’ and give you hope when you’re down.

When we found out about OneWave’s work back in 2015, we immediately wanted to be a part of it.  When we approached founders Grant and Sam about how we could help, they suggested hosting free yoga classes in our Martin Place store for the people who couldn’t make it to the beach for a Fluoro Friday session.  We launched them immediately.

Yoga practice focuses equally on mind and body.  In the opinion of one of our original teachers, Lucy Le Messurier Scott, one of the best things about it is that it encourages you to be 'you’, and to accept your body and your mind rather than comparing yourself to others.

“Personally, I find it makes me happier and more open about myself... Having juggled with mental health problems most of my life, it's only in more recent years since I started doing regular yoga and became a teacher, that I've noticed a tangible difference in my happiness levels. I think when you're feeling happier, have more clarity about yourself, you're more willing to share this with others.”

“Yoga has had such a huge impact on my life,” says one of our current teachers, Kate Butchart. “For me, it’s a way of living and a tool that I use to bring me back to what’s most important, and to keep me grounded in my day-to-day life.  I teach because I want to share that with others and spread the zen good vibes. It’s what we all need.”

Two years on, our free Monday night classes in our Martin Place store are going strong – so strong, in fact, that we’re at capacity almost every week.

To complement them, we’ll be kicking off our free yoga classes in The Rocks on Wednesday 9 August at 6.15pm.  They’ll be taught by a group of very skilled and very warm teachers: Kate, Mirri and Gloria – who first took up yoga through our Martin Place classes and is now a qualified teacher.

We offer these classes for free because we think it’s important to provide a safe space in the CBD where people can feel like it’s ok not to be ok.  In our experience, physical activity is one of the best ways possible to lift the spirits, no matter how low you feel – and sharing that experience with a friend who you think might be in trouble is a great way of taking care of them.

Our classes in The Rocks will launch on Wednesday 9 August at 6.15pm at our store: Shop 2.05, 140 George Street, The Rocks. They’re free and we’ll provide mats for those who don’t have them.  Please register your attendance on our Facebook page so that we can make sure we have enough mats - and cups of tea afterwards. 

To register for either one of our free yoga classes, please visit our Facebook page.