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Fluro Friday with OneWave

Fluro Friday with OneWave

Our weekly in-store yoga classes have become the linchpin of our event calendar. 

We offer these classes for free in association with non-profit surf community and mental health advocates OneWave, with the intention of improving the mental health of Sydney’s CBD population.  

OneWave’s mission is to help raise awareness for mental helath and spread the message that it’s ok not to be ok. They do this through weekly ‘Fluro Friday’ sunrise sessions at beaches around the world, where participants dress up in the brightest outfits possible and surf, swim, and do yoga.  Everyone is welcome and it’s a free event. 

The idea behind OneWave is that one wave is all it takes to make you feel a bit better about things, no matter how rough they might be. Fluro makes people smile, makes people take notice, and gets people asking important questions about mental health that are normally avoided.

This year alone we’ve welcomed more than 700 yoga students in to our stores, and some of them have become yogis for life.  One of our favourite examples is Gloria Chiumento, one of our in-store yoga teachers who tried yoga for the first time in our store at Martin Place.

“I’ve always had a passion for good design and unique objects, and I felt that every time I was going to the yoga classes at Sorry Thanks I Love You, I was also nurturing my passion for art,” says Gloria.

“To be honest, I found yoga quite challenging at the beginning, but everybody told me that it was good for me, so I kept coming back.”

Gloria got chatting to our yoga teacher Michelle, and became fascinated by the positive impact yoga had had on her life.  After attending classes religiously for a few months, Gloria became inspired to undertake teacher training herself.

“I have always been interested in wellbeing and I wanted to do something concrete to help people feeling better and live healthier and more vibrant lives,” she ways.

We hit Bondi Beach on Friday with Gloria and two of our other teachers, Kate and Mirri, to experience OneWave’s Fluro Friday first hand.  A motley crew of about 12 people showed up - all a little red-eyed and all donning a touch of borderline-offensive fluro. Amongst the crew were a TV producer, a few office workers, a gallery owner, and a couple of photographers. One woman had come all the way from Ashgrove to be there – no small feat at 6.30am.  Most of us sat in silence as Grant Trebilco, the OneWave founder, introduced himself and the organisation, but a few people spoke briefly about why they came, how they were doing, and why they came to Fluro Fridays. As one wetsuit-clad corporate warrior put it (slightly more colourfully), this was the only group of people he’d come across that was 100% jerk-free.

After a brief chat, we split – some of us onto yoga mats for a 30 minute class on the sand, others into the surf, and others into smaller groups to catch up.  We captured it in pictures, but it’s hard to describe in words. 


In Gloria’s opinion, what makes OneWave great is their commitment to creating awareness in a fun, cheerful way. Having experienced depression in her family firsthand, she knows how life-changing it can be to better understand mental health.

“Fluro Fridays are accessible to anyone and this creates this awesome community where people can easily talk about their issues, feel understood and get help if needed,” she says.

Our weekly in-store yoga classes are conducted in the same spirit, and are held at 6pm every Monday in Martin Place and at 6.15pm every Wednesday in The Rocks.

“I feel so honored to be able to teach in the place where I discovered my passion for yoga,” says Gloria. “I love the community that these classes are creating. It’s like a ritual, and I like seeing people coming back and sharing their passion for yoga with me.”

We’d love you to join us.


We offer free yoga classes in both our stores every week. All levels are welcome and mats are provided.


Monday 6-7pm
Ground Floor, No 1 Martin Place
Please register here to ensure your place.

Wednesday 6.15-7.15pm
140 George Street
The Rocks
Please register here to ensure your place.


Image credit: DB Photography