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Lucy Folk's Ettore Blues

Lucy Folk's Ettore Blues

After successfully opening a miniature pink concept store in Bondi Beach last year, Lucy Folk dusted the sand off her feet and moved to an impeccably appointed 17th century apartment in Paris’ fourth arrondissement, and set up her French HQ.

After years of crossing the globe several times a year for Fashion Week, the move was deemed essential.  But as it turned out, the Paris of Fashion Week, with its sequinned English speaking crowd, was a far cry from the real thing. 

Lucy Folk's apartment in Paris

Throughout history, culture shock has proven to be a reliable bedrock for the creation of great art. In her newest collection Ettore Blues, conceived in Paris, Lucy cleverly bridges the gap by mashing three completely disparate ideas into one dizzying concept.

First we have the outlandish ‘Memphis’ design movement of the 1980’s, the name of which was inspired by the lyrics of a Bob Dylan track. It was lead by legendary Milanese architect and designer Ettore Sottsass – who rose to fame thanks to the now iconic typewriter he designed for Olivetti, but whose enduring legacy is a design approach centred around clashing colour, terrazzo, organic shapes and squiggles, and all things radical and outrageous.

via @ettoresottsass

Next we have the Memphis of ancient Egypt: the pyramid-studded ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch that, legend has it, was founded by pharaos and protected by the god Ptah: the patron of craftsmen.

Then of course, we have Le Memphis: the faux-glamorous Parisian discotechque on the banks of Canal St Martin that first opened its doors in the height of the second world war, and the pink-lit, leopard printed interiors of which have graced the pages of Vogue Italia.

Le Memphis, Paris

The ghosts of all three Memphises collide in dizzying fashion in Lucy Folk’s Ettore Blues.  Combining hieroglyphics, radical 80’s colour, and French dancefloor bling, these pieces are designed to be worn and loved to death.

Ettore Blues, Lucy Folk

Ettore Blues, Lucy Folk

Importantly, the inspiration for the Ettore Blues collection wouldn’t have come about had Lucy not being living abroad.

“I was lucky to see [Ettore Sottsass’] glass show at the Venice Biennale last year and it was mind blowing,” Lucy has said. “His use of colour, form and the playful nature of his work resonates with me.”

Above all, the collection is all about joy, pleasure and feminism and, as always, appeals particularly to those whose travel schedule mimics the designer’s.

“I started my trip in July, went to Ibiza for five nights, then to Formanterra for two weeks, back to Ibiza… then to Majorca for a week, back to Paris for a little bit, then to Tel Aviv for a week,” she told Harper’s Bazaar back in February. “And then Marrakech for work.  And now I’m in Paris, then I’m going to Italy next week, and then to the South of France.”

Seems like culture shock is suiting her just fine. 


Shop Lucy Folk’s newest collection, Ettore Blues, in store and online now.