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Eating in Paris in Under 20 Minutes

Eating in Paris in Under 20 Minutes

We’re fresh off the plane from fashion week in Paris, and a full schedule meant we were mostly eating on the run for the week that we were there. In a city that has become famous for the many centuries that seem to pass between ordering a meal at a brasserie and receiving it, being able to sit down and eat in under 20 minutes is quite a feat. Here are the places we managed both to achieve this deadline and enjoy every bite.

 La Fournée D’Or

This understated boulangerie in the 18th is so good that there’s a queue, no matter the time of day. But it’s a queue that moves quickly.  Their flaky croissants, eclairs and traditional galettes make even the most Parisian eyebrows arch with pleasure, and their oversized paperbags almost conceal the crime of eating a croissant on the metro. Almost.

219 Rue Championnet, 75018 Paris

The Broken Arm

Stocking all the best new work from Italian, English and French high-end designers, including Balenciaga’s controversial Ikea bag, The Broken Arm is easily Paris’ best fashion concept store.  Given how much time can be lost exploring its racks, it’s a good thing the service at the adjoining café is so efficient. There’s a noticeably un-French feel here (the succinct menu features sardines and avocado on toast and iced coffee over traditional Parisian lunch fare) all of which are picked at by extremely well-dressed industry types, cigarette in hand.

12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris

Café des Marrioniers

Admittedly, it’s not about the service here. The trick is to emporter and find some lawn upon which to enjoy the Tuileries at their summer best.

Tuilieries, Northern End 

Le Relais Magenta

If you’re not up for picnicking on the side of the Canal St Martin with the rest of the city’s teenagers, Le Relais Magenta is the place.  Near enough to the noise of democracy emanating from the inevitable marches around République to be part of it, but far enough away from the heavily armed gendarme to be able to enjoy oneself, the small staff at this no-frills relais do the unheard of and keep their eyes firmly fixed on one’s glass, ready to pounce the moment it looks low. 

Corner Rue Pierre Chausson & Boulevard de Magenta

Ma Bourgogne

With its multitude of fine art galleries and expensive apartments, Place des Vosges is favoured by retired American CEO-types who finally find they have time to travel.  It’s surprising then to find that Ma Bourgogne is mainly populated by relaxed French bo-bo families and middle aged couples talking about the traffic, and more surprising still that a meal in under 20 minutes is possible.  Positioned on the north western corner of the square with an excellent view of lost tourists and picturesque stone arches, it feels custom made for quick croque monsieurs in the morning sun.

19 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris

Le Depanneur

Paris wouldn’t be Paris without long happy hours and stuffy service.  The good looking wait staff at the very on-trend Le Depanneur deliver both – and the venue’s sunny late-night terrasse makes it one of the most popular drinking holes for Montmartre locals.  The key to speed here is to position oneself by the doorway, which at dusk becomes a blur of waiters with trays. Try the Jerry Browns – they’re dangerously quick to drink.

27 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris