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Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Jin Sum Kim doesn’t get it.

She’s just explained the incredibly involved production and assembly process required for the three layer gourmet frankenstein, aka The Pretzel Egg, that we’ve specially commissioned her to make this Easter, and my mouth is a little agape. 

It’s taken her team about four days, and has involved individually hand dipping salted pretzels in dark chocolate, moulding, setting and in some cases double coating two different sized chocolate eggs, creating a crushed pretzel chocolate blend and rolling said eggs in it by hand, and sealing and hand brushing the outer shell so that a handful of sea salt flakes stay firmly affixed to the finished product when they’re dusted on by hand.

For the internal chocolate egg, Jin experimented with different blends of single origin milk chocolates until she got the flavour just right – ‘not too out there, not too offensive, a bit malty and caramely’ – the perfect complement to the salted crunch of a pretzel.

This is all rattled off very nonchalantly in Jin’s chocolate flecked studio in Darlinghurst, as is the talk of the structural difficulties encountered over the course of the construction of the various prototypes.

It’s signature Jin. To her, there’s nothing remarkable about the extraordinary lengths she’s gone to in order to make this idea a reality. Experimentation, patience and hard work are part of her DNA.  Everything is possible.  It just takes time.

For this reason, a kind of sophisticated deliciousness permeates every item in her incredible gourmet chocolate range.  Her immortalisation of the humble hot cross bun is a case in point. Encased in single origin milk chocolate that has been hand tempered to achieve the perfect sounding crack, each of her handmade hot cross bun truffles are filled with a whipped chocolate ganache spiced with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of strong Australian honey before being finished with a hand piped white chocolate cross.

The idea here was to create a ganache that behaves like a foam – so after boiling together the spices and cream, Jin whips it into a frenzy, aerating it so much that it almost immediately dissolves in the mouth – but not before leaving an electric shock of rich fruit, spice and cream on the tongue first.

The decoration on her ultra fine chocolate hens eggs is treated with the same intensity.  Each hollow egg has been hand painted with natural red and yellow cacao butter. They’re like edible, hand watercoloured porcelain. 

It was a year long Cordon Bleu course that ignited Jin’s professional love affair with chocolate – a stint she followed up with experience at Bilson’s and Flying Fish where she met fellow chef (and now partner) David Ralph.  The pair left for London in 2006, and after Jin had honed her skills at Notting Hill’s famous Melt Chocolates for a couple of years, the time was right to take the plunge back in Sydney.

What began as a humble market stall upon the pair’s return is now among Sydney’s most famous chocolate boutiques.  ‘Single origin-obsessed’, ‘next level’ and ‘sugar porn’ are the words bandied about by the serious food writers on the subject of Kakawa, and it’s easy to see why.

To complete this year’s Easter range, Jin’s custom chocolate creations are complemented by a speckled egg bento box, combining pastel, hazelnut praline-filled sugar shell eggs with miniature chocolate eggs of the same hue.

It’s our most customised Easter range yet, and as such all of these items are only available in very limited quantities.

But, as Jin would have it, that’s no big deal.


Check out our full Easter range online now.