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A Day in the Stomach of a Yoga Teacher

A Day in the Stomach of a Yoga Teacher

Every Monday we host a free yoga class in our Martin Place store.  Designed to get people moving in the interest of improving their mental health, these classes are open to people of all ages and levels and are held in association with not-for-profit surf community One Wave, as part of our Random Acts of Kindness Project.  Mats are provided and there’s no need to register – just show up a little before 6pm to shotgun your place.

We’ve been running these classes for nearly two years, and they’ve been lead by a group of inspiring and very devoted yoga teachers: Lucy, Michelle, Sibylle, Svenja, Leah, and most recently, Jacqui and Kate.

Apart from charm, kindness and a passion for their practice, the traits the seem to bind these women together – to the outstider at least - is that they are all incredibly fit and lithe.

Which begs the question…. what is a day inside the stomach of a yoga instructor like?

Sorry Thanks I Love You yoga instructor Jacqui Zhao

Corporate warrior by day, yogi by night, Jacqui Zhao has been teaching yoga for two and a half years and started teaching at Sorry Thanks I Love You in September 2016.  For a while Jacqui was studying Nutritional Medicine outside of work hours because she has such a strong interest in food and health.

“I really do think that building a regular yoga practice flows into all other areas of a person's life, including their relationships with others, their relationship with themselves and also their relationship with food,” says Jacqui.

“When I cook and eat now I really pay attention to how and what I am putting into my body - whether it's a crunchy stem of steamed broccoli or a piece of delicious cake, I will try to taste and enjoy every mouthful rather than just wolfing it down!”

As she’s currently pregnant, Jacqui’s eating routine is a little different to normal.  But this is what went down yesterday.


Buckwheat toast with ABC (nut butter), sliced banana and cinnamon.

ABC Nut Butter 


Green bowl with sautéed kale and other greens, quinoa and poached eggs.


Homemade lamb harissa sausage rolls with a salad.  “Normally I wouldn’t eat so much meat, but because I’m pregnant I’m eating a lot more of it.  Normally I’d have something like grilled fish, baked sweet potato and steamed veggies.”

After Dinner

Fresh figs and dark chocolate-coated macadamia nuts.

What she didn’t tell us about (until we applied some pressure)

All the between-meal preggo snacking.  “I’m addicted to the Sonoma fruit spelt sourdough so I have that toasted with butter when I need an energy kick.  Oh and also dark chocolate-coated dried bananas from Naked Foods. My main preggo obsession though has been sliced green apple with cheddar cheese.  Eating a slice of crispy sweet and sour apple with a slice of cheddar the same time is heavenly and hits all the cravings.”

Sorry Thanks I Love You yoga instructor Kate Butchart 

Kate Butchart has been teaching yoga for nine months and her daily eating routine is so good looking that it’s on Instagram.

Her go-to snack is tamari almonds or veggie sticks, but yesterday she ate…


“I start the day with a glass of warm water and a dash of apple cider vinegar.  Yesterday I had a friend over to my place and made us buckwheat and quinoa pancakes with berries, vanilla cashew cream and maple syrup.”


Leftovers – a sweet potato savoury slice and a thrown-together salad of kale, roast baby carrots, radish and been sprouts


“I stayed in last night and cooked a pumpkin dahl with some brown rice and blanched greens.” 

After Dinner

Strawberries and coconut yoghurt.

What she didn’t tell us about (until we applied some pressure) 

The sweet treats.  “I love sweet treats!  Dark chocolate is a fave and homemade bliss balls, and apple crumble coconut ice cream, chia pudding, raw cakes and slices, almond meal cookies…. I could go on!” 

Kate says that yoga has had an enormous impact on her life.

“For me, it’s a way of living and a tool that I use to bring me back to what’s most important and to keep me grouneded in my day to day life. 

I teach because I want to share that with others and spread the zen good vibes. It’s what we all need.” 


We host free yoga classes every Monday at 6pm in our Martin Place store.  No need to register, mats are provided and all levels and ages welcome.

Ground floor, No 1 Martin Place, Sydney. 

For our full events schedule for March, click here.