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Chester Wallace

Portland-based Patrick Long is the man behind the bag brand with a worldwide cult following: Chester Wallace. The son of an architect, a graduate of Parsons and man of inspiring practicality, Pat has created a bag that can fit a six-pack in it, loves the rain and makes you believe you could get away with designing your own tattoo.

An illustrator by day, Pat has drawn for the likes of Starbucks, Assouline and Nina Ricci and his work has appeared in The New York Times and Vogue. In his own words, he likes to draw fashion figures, sports stars, the underappreciated and the awkward – all of whom, we realise, probably make up a large part of the Chester Wallace fan base.

The bag caper came about when a friend opened a shop (Project 8 in New York) and asked Pat to make something. As an IPA-sipping, bike-riding Portland man, a bag was a natural choice.

Pat wanted to make a bag that was travel-friendly, repelled the city's much-loved drizzle, and was big enough to comfortably fit a night's worth of beer in it – so space and durability were key. Taking inspiration from the classic tool bag design, Pat sourced strong waxed canvas, leather, nickel and brass to create strong, stylish bags that are all hand cut and sewn in his workshop.

Pat named the company after his two grandfathers: Chester from Burns, Oregon and Wallace from Ireland, but his architect father was just as an important influence.

“He pointed out the minutia,” Pat has said. “He helped me see the doorknobs, the door handles, the chandeliers in the volume in a room. He was a great teacher.”

With help from Herman Miller.

Chester Wallace bags are available here.