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Botanical Signature Tea

Botanical Signature Tea

It might not seem like it at first glance, but Asako Takada’s progression from skincare inventor to tea merchant is the definition of natural.

Asako is best known for the range of organic, natural skin serums she’s been producing under her label Botanical Signature for the past 18 months, and her tea range, she explains, is simply an extension of the same idea.

Designed specifically to nourish and improve health, Asako sees her range of teas as just another weapon in the wellbeing artillery.  Harnessing natural ingredients and ancient wisdom – like Cleopatra’s notorious fondness for hibiscus as a beauty remedy – Asako has created concoctions that are equal parts delicious and virtuous.

When she first launched her range, Asako focused on two blends only: the citrusy Rainforest Brew and bright pink Ruby Elixir. “Both were made with the purpose of improving one’s complexion by brightening the skin tone from the inside out.”

Combining Egyptian hibiscus, Persian rose petals, crisp apple and spicy cinnamon, the Ruby Elixir blend is deliciously soothing, and even better iced. Rainforest Brew on the other hand is a zingy, lemony number drawing on anti-oxidant-heavy native lemon myrtle and ginger to promote digestion and tone the liver and kidneys.

The recent additions to the range are more traditional: there’s the raw honey-soaked Golden Chai, and Matcha Moments - a fine Japanese matcha and green tea blend.

“During my childhood I can recall a small teashop I passed on my way home from school every day where green tea was steamed,” explains Asako. “Matcha Moments recreates these bitterly nostalgic and sweet, scented memories.”

The teas’ packaging, too, is reminiscent of Asako’s childhood. “We’ve introduced our herbal teas in glass cylinders wrapped in washi paper with a pulling string to emulate the action of opening a traditional firecracker.”

Asako has worked with a Sydney-based tea specialist to bring these blends to life, and some of these products took nearly a year to come to fruition. In fact, her entire range is built on a strong foundation of curiosity and patience.

Botanical Signature first came to life when an opportunity arose for Asako, then a business and export professional in Japan, to become involved in a project researching natural skincare in Australia.  With her initial interest piqued, studies in study medical aromatherapy and Ayurveda (a 5000-year-old system of natural healing with origins in the Vedic culture of India) ensued, followed by months of nights experimenting in Asako’s  makeshift, two square metre lab: her kitchen.

“I researched unfamiliar ingredients from scratch, talked to teachers, compounders, and therapists to hear their advice, and joined many workshops and courses,” says Asako. “Through this, I found the beauty of making my own skincare.”

It was a long process – and one that the yogi fanatic no doubt navigated with her signature balance and integrity.

“Before I launched Botanical Signature, I always focussed on what makes us feel good and what brings us comfort,” explains Asako. “I wanted to create something that enriches and balances our busy lives.” 


The Botanical Signature tea and skincare range is available now.