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The Best Things We Ate in 2016

The Best Things We Ate in 2016

The Best Things We Ate This Year

It was a year of culinary highs and lows, (we’re looking at you, Plate B at the Mori Art Museum Restaurant) but if we had to single out the best things we ate this year, in chronological order, the list would look something like this: 


1. Pork Bao – The Glass House, Hobart

Pray to the chef gods that this is never taken off the menu of Hobart’s best cocktail bar. 

2. Pork Katsu – Maisen, Tokyo 

Bliss crumbed. As with everything in Tokyo, the line for this justly famous katsu restaurant in Shibuya was orderly, numbered and very quiet.  When we eventually got in there, the katsu didn’t just melt in the mouth. It dissolved.

3. Rabbit Cakes – Isetan, Tokyo

The pleasure derived from Japanese carrot cakes decorated with a rabbit motif is difficult to describe. 

4.  King Fish Ceviche – Nomad, Sydney 

Devoured with glee in March and outshone only by the wine.


5. Ham and Cheese Baguette – Paul at the Tuilieries, Paris

Buttery, crusty and eaten on the run between Fashion Week appointments, the flavour of this everyday ham and cheese baguette from one of France’s most prolific patisseries was by far the most satisfying meal fo the trip.

6.  All the Weird Things at Le Grand Train, Paris

There are crispy chicken waffle vans, huge glowing steam trains underlit in red, herb gardens, chicken coops and (by extension?), BBQ chicken wing bars at Paris’ new enormous converted train depot, Le Grand Train.  We ate our way through a lot of it.

7. Rabbit Ragu – A Tavola, Sydney 

Miserable Sydney winters call for rich ragu. This is hands-down the best in the city.

8. Chacuterie Board - Nathan Sasi for Gourmet Traveller x Sorry Thanks I Love You 

We rang in our collaboration with Gourmet Traveller in delicious style.  The quality of Nathan Sasi’s charcuterie selection had to be tasted to be believed. Smoked duck breast, anyone?

9. Burnt Caramel & Ginger Icecream – Gelato Messina, Circular Quay, Sydney

One of the best things about opening our new store in The Rocks is its proximity to the newest Gelato Messina chapter at Circular Quay. 

10. Sour Orange Ling Fish Curry – Long Chim, Sydney 

Our team celebrated Christmas at David Thompson’s newest project, Long Chim in Sydney.   Every second was delicious, and goes some way to explaining why the Kot Loy Sriracha Sauce, sourced by David Thompson, used liberally throughout the dishes at Long Chim and championed by David Chang, was one of the most popular items at the Gourmet Traveller x Sorry Thanks I Love You Christmas Boutique.