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The Best Things We Ate in 2017

The Best Things We Ate in 2017

Like most of us, with the passing of the new year, our thoughts have turned to our stomachs. After much agonising, we’ve compiled a list of the best things we ate (and drank) around the world in 2017.

For us at least, it was an excellent year for eating.

1. Squid in Mushroom Broth -  Dier Makr, Hobart

 Dier Makr is degustation only, and eating there is not for the risk averse.  There were highs and there were lows, but this velvety squid in mushroom broth was a definite culinary highlight for August.


2. Blueberry Scones -  Rose Bakery, Dover Street Market, London 

Maybe it was because they were earnt by ascending the many floors of drool-inducing CDG goodness, or maybe it was because they were the first meal after a very late night, or maybe because they were slathered with unspeakable amounts of cream, but these were easily the best baked goods consumed in 2017.

3. Roast Cauliflower - Ester, Sydney 

It's probably this dish, coupled with Mat Lindsay's oven-fired bread, that makes it’s so difficult to get a table at Ester.  Charred to perfection, scattered with crunchy nuts and fresh mint, and served with a generous smear of magic almond sauce, this is the only way cauliflower should be eaten. Ever.

 4. Pizza - La Bufala, Sydney

Made from wholemeal flour especially imported from Naples, the dough of these wood-fired pizzas is the whole reason for going.

5. Red Russian Tomatoes, Chardonnay and Green Tomato Juice – The Ledbury, London

Though these were the highlights from a loooong dinner (seven courses spiralled into 14), the food was inevitably flavoured by the experience of meeting such knowledgable and passionate staff who come together from all over the world to create it.

6. Coffee & Cigarettes - This Must Be The Place, Sydney

God forbid this cocktail ever comes off the menu.

7. Choux Patisserie eclairs - Choux Patisserie for GTxSTILY Launch Party, Sydney

Nic Poelart specialises in extraordinary eclairs, and with a background in so many Michelin-starred international restaurants, not to mention at his own venture Embrasse, it’s no surprise he executes. When he served the custom eclairs he created for the launch party we threw to celebrate our collaboration with Gourmet Traveller, the room became a sea of happy groans and raised eyebrows.

8. Lyndall Lamb Ravioli, - Valle nella Bocca, Taste of Tasmania, Hobart

A collaboration between chef Will Chapman, a handful of Derwent Valley farmers, and Italian Pantry’s Matt Rao, this incredibly soft, rich, and perfectly lamby dish was hands down the most delicious dish at the entire festival and probably the trophy-winner for the entire year of eating.