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Momoko Hatano's Newest Collection

Momoko Hatano's Newest Collection

Momoko Hatano is a rare breed: she’s a tertiary-trained artist, a designer who learnt her trade at the helm of one of Australia’s most iconic design houses, Dinosaur Designs, and, most importantly, the sole maker of all her jewellery.

Add to this a healthy dose of customer-facing experience and you have the complete package: designer, market researcher, product developer and expert gold and silversmith.

It’s a combination that has given her something of a razor sharp edge.  The Japanese-born, Sydney based designer is more than just a rising star on the Australian jewellery scene.  In a market where only a few can hope to make it for the long haul, Momoko Hatano is all but leap frogging her way to the top. 

Her newest collection, ‘Arch’, is the best explanation for her success.  Exploring the beauty of imperfections and curious geometry, ‘Arch’ is Momoko’s reinvention of the most traditional pieces of jewellery – and a bit of a game for the wearer, to boot.

Take her Floating Arch Cuff and Arch Envelope Ring, for example. “They’re both designed so that the arch appears to float on the wearer’s hand or arm,” explains Momoko.  Without a limb or finger to wrap around, the pieces are just lengths of warped sterling silver.  The ah-ha moment doesn’t happen until the piece is tried on.

“I like to play with how the jewellery sits on the body, so it's almost like a puzzle,” explains Momoko. “I enjoy seeing customers interacting with the pieces and discovering how to wear them.”

More expansive and complex than her original collection, Arch canvases handcut brass and sterling silver disc earrings, long chain pendants, celestial rings and thick, perfectly-proportioned bangles.

Momoko works almost exclusively with sterling silver and gold and it’s either recycled or sourced from Western Australia.

“I like to use Australian sourced metals because I know where it comes from,” explains Momoko. “I trust that the quality and that the working conditions of the people that manufacture the metals meet Australian standards. I know the people who recycle the metals and turn them into beautiful workable silver and gold.  I’ve been buying from them for nearly ten years.”

Best worn with natural fibres, like linen, cotton or silk (“I like to match naturals with naturals,” says Momoko), Arch champions the beauty of the handmade. 

The wafer-thin discs of brass and silver that feature throughout the collection are a classic example.  “At first glance they appear almost industrial… but they are hand cut by me, so they’re not perfect circles.” 

While her early collections were characterized by conceptual pieces and mini-sculptures (“My first ever collection was all about horses,”), these days Momoko is trying to create something that is timeless yet relevant to today's wearer, classic but with a modern twist. Kind of like an arch.

“It is a circle but imperfect, that's what I love about the arch.” 


Momoko Hatano’s Arch Collection is available now.