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LOCALS ONLY: Anonymous Ism's Tokyo Guide

LOCALS ONLY: Anonymous Ism's Tokyo Guide

A person born and raised in Tokyo is about as rare as a true New Yorker – but Anonymous Ism’s Akihiro Joseph Ono is the real deal.  This week he takes us down the blossoming river banks in his city, and inside a few over-crowded trains.

When’s the best time to show off your city?

Definitely spring. Like in the end of March to Mid April. There are millions of cherry blossom blooming everywhere! I think I would take visitors to Nakameguro river which is well known for cherry blossom so you can walk along the river watching flowers all day long. It's really beautiful! 

What’s the best way to spend Saturday night in Tokyo?

It's hard to pick one, there are too many hot spots in Tokyo like Shibuya, Roppongi, Aoyama, and Daikanyama, but I would say Roppongi is more fun for visitors.

How would you describe Tokyo fashion?

No rules.  

What’s the weirdest thing about Tokyo?

People in an overcrowded train. You have no idea how packed it is but people actually use their iPhone playing stupid video games, texting, reading someone's shitty blogs. So addicted.

Your favourite place for a Sunday afternoon walk?

There are some great coffee places around Yoyogi Park such as Fuglen Tokyo.  So you can get a awesome coffee and go for a walk at Yoyogi park

Where is the best secret shopping in Tokyo?

Ebisu, Nakameguro and Daikanayama area I think.

What’s the best thing about Tokyo?

Tokyo has hundreds of little towns, and each town has a different style, culture and history. So it's always fun to go somewhere I have never been to before to find a new thing!  Some kind of adventure!

Do you have a secret tip for visitors to Tokyo?

There aren’t a lot of people who can speak English here, so it's hard to ask someone the way if you get lost. Use translation apps with your iPhone. It might even help you to make a new friend!


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