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Alfredo Gonzales

Alfredo Gonzales

The success of half Dutch and half Mexican Dennis Ebeli’s career could hinge on a single realization: his name just doesn't have the same ring as Alfredo Gonzales.

With a very Mexican passion for skating, sunshine and eating barbecued meat, Ebeli got his start creating a New York-inspired brunch café in Rotterdam with a friend. But after two and a half years of successful bagel-building, he was itching for a new creative project.

His search took him back to his days as an intern in Mexico, when the chat in the cantina at knock-off time was always about the infamous Alfredo Gonzales. Urban legend has it that the little guy from Zacateca won 100 pesos and a donkey in a drinking contest back in the 80's, took his bounty and rode the donkey all the way to New York City where he ended up working in a sock factory in downtown Manhattan. He began to be noticed after he started skating around the city wearing the factory socks he had customized with little buttons he found on the street.

More and more people began to ask for a pair of Alfredo’s socks and eventually (the details are hazy) Alfredo Gonzales was able to launch his own sock business – distinguished by his bright designs and signature side button.

It was this pseudo-mythical tale that Ebeli remembered when the smell of bacon from his café started to lose its sweetness.

The story goes that Ebeli contacted Alfredo to ask if he could revive the brand with his permission and bring it back to life. Alfredo’s reaction, apparently, was so positive that Ebeli teamed up with some friends and went for it.

Since then, Alredo Gonzales has taken them all over the world. They’ve hosted a skateboard exhibition covered by Monocle magazine, been on a burger-and-beer tour of Melbourne hosted by Mini and recently launched a campaign promoting Alfredo’s mate Richie for president. It’s all about careless happiness and cerveza-flavoured freedom.

While legend has it that Alfredo was a kickass skater, the brand has evolved to appeal to a much wider audience.

“It’s become a brand for hipsters, surfers, musicians, skaters, and the business world. Everyone somehow feels the attraction and is able to identify with the socks,” Ebeli has said.

Though Ebeli has a couple of other projects on the go, he reckons Alfredo Gonzales might be taking him on his biggest adventure yet.

“It's like, step by step, a dream is coming true.”


With help from MiND and Three Thousand.