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Getting Lost With Alex Strohl

Getting Lost With Alex Strohl

French adventure photographer Alex Strohl has never been one to settle down.

While he’s officially based in Los Angeles, he only goes back there every couple of weeks “for meetings and to check the mail.”  The rest of the time he’s out doing what he’s good at – photographing some of the wildest and most untamed corners of the world like Patagonia, New Foundland, Iceland and Montana. 


While his hypnotic images of frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains and desolate forests are shared with his half a million Instagram followers, Alex also takes the odd shot for Land Rover, Apple, Canon and, naturally, The Canadian Tourism Commission.


Alex is interested in the themes of nature, water and people who live differently in his photography, but key to his work is the ability to get lost, explore, and discover. 

“I usually travel with my girlfriend, Andrea,” Alex has said.  “We just drive and whenever we see an interesting road that leaves the main road we take it and see where it takes us.”


This month, we’re asking a series of new makers to take us with them around the world and show us how they, too, get lost.

We’ll follow carpenters around France, delve deep into the minds of an engineer in New York, and discover the daily rituals that help a certain Danish designer find his flow.

Because whether it’s getting lost in a good book, the subway, a new project, or a remote forest, there’s nothing as engrossing or inspiring as that feeling. 


With help from Prologue Profiles.