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A Chocolatier's Guide to Sydney

A Chocolatier's Guide to Sydney

Amanda McKeith’s relationship with chocolate is strictly professional. 

An art history and business graduate, Impressionist-lover and ex-NGO professional, Amanda is now the one-man-band behind burgeoning Sydney based chocolate brand Winnow Chocolates. 

She spends her days mixing, tempering, dying and tasting chocolate every colour imaginable, marketing, packaging, brainstorming new ideas and generally living a (slightly more subdued) Willy Wonka kind of life.

With this much exposure to the stuff, it’s no wonder her favourite Sydney haunts are chocolate-free. 

This week she lets us in on her top five Sydney spots, as well as her favourite place to chill out and not drink coffee. 


1. Kitchen gadgets

I find the best kitchen gadgets at The Chef’s Warehouse in Surry Hills. They have such an incredible array of products. 

2. Coffee

 I actually don’t drink coffee. So it’s straight to work for me and peppermint tea when I feel like something warm.

3. Sunday brunch

At the moment, my favourite Saturday brunch spot is Eugene’s in Bronte. It’s just around the corner from where I live and has some really delicious breakfast options as well as healthy salads and take home meals. 


4. Can’t live without…

The one item I always find in my shopping basket is eggs. They’re so versatile and I love to use them for quick breakfasts with some crispy bacon and fresh avocado, to easy dinners of frittatas with leftover roast veggies. 

5. Work tools

If I’m shopping for work I go to a great wholesale warehouse tucked away in the back of Artarmon – Oriental and Continental Foods. It doesn’t look like much but stocks a vast array of products, I always end up leaving with more than I came for!



Winnow Chocolates’ hand tempered white and dark chocolate boxes are available now.