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A Chocolatier's Guide to Melbourne

A Chocolatier's Guide to Melbourne

When Swedish chocolatier Josefin Zernell joined forces with her barista and coffee bean roasting partner Kiril, a decadent, adults-only hot chocolate was born.  Combining cacao liquor, coconut blossom sugar and a little Murray Darling river salt, the Mörk hot chocolate blend is pure luxury handmade in Melbourne.

This week Josefin takes us on a tour of her new hometown and show us where she get her flavour inspiration, kitchen gadgets, croissants, and the all-time best chocolate desserts in the city.

What are your top three chocolate shops in Melbourne?

1. WaWa Chocolatier has beautiful chocolate bars with locally sourced flavours. A favourite is the dark sourdough chocolate! Wawa Chocolatier is a Melbourne maker and has a webstore that ships nationwide. 

2. I go to Spring Street Grocer for my dark chocolate bars. They carry a range of really good Italian and French makers, as well as some local favourites like Bahen & Co. 

3. Clementine's in Degraves Street carry a beautiful range of locally produced chocolate bars and gourmet products.

Where do you go for flavour inspiration?

I usually gather inspiration from eating out, watching chefs at work treating incredible ingredients with such respect, as well as talking to chef friends and colleagues about flavour and food. 

Mörk Brew House aside, what’s your favourite chocolate hang out in Melbourne?

Clever Polly’s in North Melbourne. They are a local wine bar specialized on natural wines and really clever food. And it is right down the road from us so incredibly lucky. 

Where do you buy your kitchen gadgets and tools?

I get most of my gear from hospitality shops like Chef’s Hat in South Melbourne.

The best deli in Melbourne?

Mediterranian Wholesalers on Sydney Road. They have an amazing array of cured meats and cheese, olive oils and small Italian cakes.

Where do you get your coffee?

Oh, tough one. Too many places to recommend here really. Market Lane, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary are always favourites.

What secret destination in Melbourne would you recommend an amateur chocolatier check out?

Go to Lûmé restaurant in South Melbourne and eat all the desserts on their menu. It is my favourite spot for desserts and Shaun Quade is a rockstar chef.

Where in Melbourne can you find the best selection of recipe and cooking books?

I like The Essential Ingredient’s selection. 

Where do you always take visitors when they come to Melbourne?

Lune Croissant in Fitzroy is a must. I would take them for breakfast at Ascot Food Store, an incredible breakfast and brunch spot. We would go to Maker & Monger in Prahran Market for their amazing raclette.

Favourite restaurant in Melbourne?

Lûmé restaurant, hands down.

What’s the ultimate way to spend a Sunday in Melbourne?

Start as early as you can possibly get up to catch a few of the world’s best croissants at Lune Lab in Fitzroy, alongside a hot chocolate naturally. Spend time in Fitzroy and Collingwood for shop-hopping and pass through Carlton Gardens on your way into the city and Wonderbao for a delicious lunch and the absolute best baos in Melbourne. Head to Seven Seeds for a coffee, before taking Queensberry down to Beatrix for amazing cakes. Come past Mörk after that!


The Mörk Chocolate Brew House is located at 150 Errol St, North Melbourne.

Mörk's hot chocolate range is available now.