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English Breakfast Tea

Hand blended tea from The Seventh Duchess

Queen Victoria's finest 

Best taken moments before a brisk walk with the beagles, this is a true tea drinkers' tea. This classic Ceylon tea consists of tea buds picked with the balls of the fingertips, earning it the highest pekoe grading. It's been hand blended with daily consumption in mind and sealed in a custom-made tin to keep it fragrant. The result is a full-bodied blend that adds refinement to even the most pedestrian of tea breaks.

The Seventh Duchess

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Two hundred years ago, no one knew more about mysterious far eastern blends than the Seventh Duchess of Bedford who instated tea parties as a high society afternoon ritual. Today's Seventh Duchess range is a rejuvenation of this tradition. Ideally accompanied by a chicken sandwich, this is real tea for serious tea drinkers.


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Size 100g

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