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Greeting Cards - Good Food Crap Drawing

Eat with your eyes

Yam Yam

These specially commissioned greeting cards are the work of ex-Gourmet Traveller art director and cult food illustrator Anna Vu, aka Good Food Crap Drawing.  In her trademark Faber Castell connector textas, Vu has immortalized some of the world’s best and most underrated celebratory foods.  Printed in lush colour on thick 320gsm card, these cards are the perfect home for your thoughtfully penned thank you, birthday, or you’re-getting-freaking-married notes.  Foods speak louder than words.


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Good Food Crap Drawing

What started as a Zine in 2008 has grown into one of the most talked about food blogs in Australia.  As art director of Australia’s leading food and lifestyle magazine, Vu has access to the country’s newest and most exciting and is uniquely positioned to capture the nation’s quickly evolving, highly competitive food scene. Her Instagram followers feature an all-star cast of chefs, restaurateurs, critics and hospo stalwarts - all, no doubt, keeping an eye on each other’s work.  Meet Vu in our journal.


Set of 5
320gsm card


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