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Concrete Mechanical Pencil – 22 Design Studio

Made in Taipei


Inspired by the epic city of its inception, this mechanical concrete pencil is for the Howard Rourkes,  Holden Caufields and Huck Finns of this world – not that any of them would really give a damn.  Contoured and comfortable to hold, each is fitted with a standard pacer lead refill, which means you can use it for as long as you can keep hold of it. Soft on the page yet strong in the hand, this is a tool for engineers, architects, and all those people for whom the medium is as important as the output. 

22 Design Studio

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Taiwanese designers Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng’s macro applications of the materials from which their city is built are a study in patience. Inspired by Tadao Ando’s cast in-place architecture, 22 Design Studio push high density concrete and 316L steel to their physical limits, repurposing them into utilitarian, handmade tools and jewellery – each piece a beautiful paradox.


Gift wrapped
High density concrete
Stainless Steel


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