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Copper Scissors - Tajika Haruo Ironworks

Chop Chop

Family inheritance

For almost a century, these razor sharp copper scissors have been made the same way.  Forged, shaped and sharpened by hand in a quiet corner of Japan’s Ono City by a father and son whose forebears were similarly dedicated to their nearly-extinct craft, these scissors scissors are based on the original Japanese kimono-cutting model and have been designed to elevate everyday chive-cutting, and paper snipping into tiny feats of elegance.




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Tajika Ironworks

Located northeast of Kobe, Tajika Ironworks has been in operation for over four generations.  Working alongside each other from morning til night, Takeo and Daisuke Tajika exemplify the quintessentially Japanese quest for perfection in their work.  “This is not a craft which we’ve ever undertaken on the basis of the division of labour,”Daisuke explains, “so a craftsman must become an expert at every stage of the production process.”  Meet them in our journal.


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