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Keyboard & Touch Slab - Orée

Touch Wood

Brave Old World 

Made entirely from a single piece of maple or walnut wood, this lightweight, wireless keyboard and multi-touch trackpad have been built from scratch by a handful of carpenters and engineers in southern France. Each laser-engraved keyboard works wirelessly with any tablet, smartphone or PC with Bluetooth capability and, like you, can connect to up to five devices simultaneously. The smooth, stand alone trackpad supports 15 multi finger gestures whilst also quietly serving as a numerical keypad, and is an irresistibly tactile replacement for the mouse. In the manner of a fine whisky, the wood’s individual grain and characteristics give each piece a unique hue and, with time, patina.  Designed specifically to bring warmth and elegance to high-speed living, this is the first time this startling wooden technology has been available in Australia. 


More Info

Lead by French technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Fanck Fontana, Orée transform wood grown on family-owned maple and walnut forests in Doubs and Isère into elegant, game-changing technical accessories.

Technical Information

- Both devices run on AA batteries which, if used for about 10 hours per day, will last between 4-5 months.
- Keyboard engraved with Mac/Ipad layout
- Both keyboard and trackpad protected with invisible (matte) food-safe varnish
- Trackpad not compatible with ipads


Gift wrapped
Walnut or maple wood
Bluetooth enabled

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