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Iphone 6 Shell – Orée

Game changer


Shoe horns. Grape scissors. Ice tongs. Often it’s the small, practical things that make life immeasurably better. Made by a hand in France from a single piece of lightweight maple or walnut wood, Orée’s sleek iPhone 6 cover is durable, elegant and enables wireless charging in conjunction with any Qi compatible charging pad – including Orée’s groundbreaking Pebble speaker. Incorporating an embedded Qi charging circuit on its back plate, Orée’s iPhone cover cleverly transcends its peers by combining natural materials and a svelte design that complements Jony Ives’ original aesthetic. This is what happens when traditional carpentry, progressive technology and natural materials are combined.

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Lead by French technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Fanck Fontana, Orée transform wood grown on family-owned maple and walnut forests in Doubs and Isère into elegant, game-changing technical accessories.

Technical Information

• Sized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ only.

• The iPhone cannot be used on Orée’s Pebble without this sleeve.


Gift Wrapped
Qi compatible

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