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Screwdriver and 6 bits - Elementary


Turns Out

While this bespoke tool has been designed specifically for cabinet makers, both professional craftsmen and weekend warriors around the world are lauding it as the only screwdriver they need in their belt – making it perfect for both connoisseurs and newcomers to the lost arts.

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A linseed oil finish makes this screwdriver far easier and more comfortable to grip than its slippery, blister-inducing plastic counterparts, while its smooth, flat sides prevent it rolling off the bench. A magnetic screw chuck fastened with an O ring solves the problems traditionally associated with four-way screwdrivers by locking in the accompanying interchangeable bits, though this screwdriver will also accommodate any standard bit in your toolbox. Indiana-based chairmaker John Hoffman has said what every other new devotee feels as soon as they use it: “It’s like the maker was reading my mind.”


Justin Holmes is a cabinet maker in South London who learnt how to design at the Royal College of Art.


Gift wrapped
Beach wood
Brass ferrule
6 bits

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