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Kayak - 0SixHundred

Lighter than a toddler


Based on the traditional 4000 year old Inuit design, OSixHundred's award-winning flat packed kayak is made from an interlocking lightweight pine frame and translucent carbon skin, making it ideal for harbour gliding and lake paddling. While workshop tragics may prefer to savour construction over several weeks, this CNC-cut kayak can be snapped together and its taut Kevlar jacket laced up in under two hours by anyone strong enough to lift its 10kg weight. With a covering made from the same material used in sail-making and bulletproof vests, this tough, ready-to-assemble personal craft is lighter than its polyurethane, fibreglass and carbon fibre counterparts and about a thousand times better looking. As for hitting speeds that raise heartbeats - it all depends who’s paddling.  Privacy is the ultimate luxury, and OSixHundred’s kayak is a sleek, fast-tracked ticket to it.


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Balmain Boat Company’s Andrew Simpson and M&C Saatchi’s Ben Cooper share a love for innovation, Sydney harbour at dawn, and the magic of flat packing.


We'll get in touch as soon as you place an order for an OSixHundred kayak so that we can discuss logistics. In the meantime, here's what you need to know: Every OSixHundred kayak is made to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for production. The kayak is delivered by courier and comes in three parcels: A long box measuring 230 x 15 x 28cm, a medium box measuring 125 x 52 x 10cm, and the rolled skin box measuring 90 x 30 x 30cm. Because shipping rates vary depending on the recipient’s location, this will be charged separately to the kayak. As a rough guide, deliveries to Australian metropolitan areas cost between $20 - $60, deliveries to rural Australia start at about $50, and shipping overseas costs anywhere from $60 upwards. If you’d like a shipping quote prior to purchasing the OSixHundred, please contact us on hello@sorrythanksiloveyou.com or +612 9045 3241.


Flat packed
3960 x 660mm
Weight 10kg
Pine frame
Cedar spine
Carbon skin
Paddle not included


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